Transformative Experiences at 14th Annual MALT Colloquium

The University of Nebraska Omaha Department of Foreign Languages & Literature Masters of Arts in Language Teaching (MALT) 14th Annual Colloquium convened Saturday February 8. Ninety educators attended the free event that featured sessions, a key-note, and a discussion panel. Presenter and participant Jamie Honke commented, “The Colloquium was very informative and transformative in our understanding of Transnational Awareness in immigrant youth, connections to intercultural competence, and holistic communicative language teaching. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to present on Crenshaw’s idea of Intersectionality and how it pertains to intercultural identity and the Cultural Iceberg model to relate to Strand 2 of our revised World Language Standards.” More information about the Colloquium will be featured in our March newsletter.