Professional Development Opportunities for World Language Teachers

Francophone Film and Literature Course French 4950/8956 at University of Nebraska Omaha

In fall 2019, UNO will offer Francophone Film and Literature Tuesdays from 4:30-7:10 with Dr. Patrice Proulx. Some of the films to be discussed include Incendies, Persepolis, L’Ange du Goudron, and Black Girl. The course focuses on a selection of contemporary films and short readings dealing with the Caribbean, Africa, North Africa, and Quebec. One of the primary objectives is the development of critical viewing and reading skills that will allow students to reflect more productively on the social and aesthetic themes in these works. Critical issues to consider are immigration, the construction of identity, the effects of colonialism on different societies, and the geo-political and cultural contexts of the films and the literary works. For more information, contact Dr. Patrice Proulx at 402-554-4839 or