NILA Special Report 2020 NILA Board

The following positions were confirmed or elected at the NILA Annual Conference. For more information about each individual, visit the NILA website.

Past President:  
Alicia Dallman Shoemaker (Elkhorn)
Dr. Janet Eckerson (Lincoln)
President Elect:  
Katy Cattlett (Omaha)
Vice President: 
Liliana Velasco (Columbus)
Dr. Jonathan Dettman (UNK)
Dr. Jami Holbein Swanson (Lincoln)
Exhibit and Vendor Chair:
Cara Heminger (Lincoln)
Communications Chair:
Will West (Lincoln)
President, NATG:
Pat Branson (UNO)
President, NATF:
Cara Heminger (Lincoln)
President, NATSP:
Angie Wagoner (Crete)