How to Apply for the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy

The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy measures college, career, and civic readiness through student proficiency in English and a language other than English. In order to earn the Seal, students must demonstrate proficiency through one of several possible avenues such as testing, transcripts, or another method.

Students who wish to apply for the Seal will need documentation such as testing results or a transcript. The student will then apply through the online application. The application process has no fee and can be found from the Seal website. The application requests the student’s contact information, an upload of proof of eligibility for English and for another language, school information, teacher name, and parent contact information. Once the form is submitted, an automatic response is sent to the parent to notify them that the student has submitted the application.

In April, representatives from the Nebraska Department of Education and the Nebraska International Language Association will meet to review the submissions. Once the documentation has been validated, the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy will be awarded in the form of a certificate and a seal that can be attached to the high school diploma. The student may choose to pay for a medal of recognition.