Have Passport, Will Travel

When Mrs. Moser showed our Spanish Two class photos of Mayan pyramids, I could not imagine myself in such a place. Since then, I’ve been to Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and Brazil. Truly, travel is more than the destination. It is the experience, the unexpected, the growth in discovering what you didn’t know you didn’t know. If you’ve been there, you know that sentence isn’t a grammatical error. Traveling with students makes for even more poignant memories. Place names take on extraordinary value. La Fortuna waterfall is where we splashed as the fish darted around us. Teotihuacan is where we conquered the Sun and the Moon in an afternoon. Monteverde is where one conquered his fear of Spanish and chatted with area school children. This summer, remember that travel isn’t impossible. It’s invaluable.