2020 Summer NSCAS Test Development Opportunities


While the NSCAS test windows have not even opened, it is already time to start planning for next year. Below is a link for an application for summer NSCAS test development work for both NSCAS General and Alternate.

We would like all districts to encourage their best and brightest educators to apply for the NSCAS test development opportunities. It is important to NDE to get broad representation from districts, and it is a great way to enhance assessment literacy in Nebraska educators! We particularly encourage applications from members of historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, women, individuals with disabilities, veterans, LGBTQ community members, and others who demonstrate the ability to help us achieve our vision of a diverse and inclusive community. The whole process is best when diverse voices contribute to the creation and maintenance of NSCAS assessments.

Summer of 2020- NSCAS Test Development

The Chrome browser is preferred for this application. The first page of the application will offer details about content areas and dates. Please let NDE know if you have any questions about the application or the test development opportunities. The initial selection process will begin February 17.


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