Special Services Coaching Permit

The Special Services Coaching Permit is valid for coaching in all Nebraska schools unless someone applies for a nonpublic certificate only. Once issued, a Special Services Coaching Permit expires August 31 in the fifth year following the year of issuance.

The requirements for a Special Services Coaching Permit include the following:

  1. An application and fee in the TEACH system  (Please note that registration for TEACH is required before an application can be submitted.)
  2. Fingerprints (required only if someone has lived outside of Nebraska in the past five years)
  3. Complete the “Fundamentals of Coaching” and “First Aid, Health and Safety” courses. Both courses can be found on the NFHS website.
  4. Coaching Human Relations Training – Completion of the two courses taken through the NFHS will meet the human relations requirement for a coaching permit only.

More information on how to send supporting documents can be found in the FAQ section of this website.

Create an account in TEACH.  

You will need to use your personal email address. This will be the address that your certificate gets emailed to as a PDF.

Start a new application

  1. What type of Certificate or Permit are you applying for today? = Select Special Services
  2. Ever held a Nebraska Teaching Certificate? = No
  3. Ever held an educator license in another state? = Yes/No
  4. Then select “First Time Applicant” and “Coaching” from the dropdown box and complete the online application.

In the application

A checklist will appear on the left side of the application.  As you complete each section, the red X will change to a green check mark.  Each tab has instructions to complete each section.

Certificate Type Tab

Select “All School Certificate or Permit” or “Nonpublic School Certificate”.  Districts you add to the employment section will be able to monitor your application and status.

Personal Information Tab

Enter your information.  On this tab you can select the option “I hereby give my consent to the Nebraska Department of Education to use SMS messaging to send me notifications via text message and email.”

Academic Record Tab

Transcripts are not required for a special services coaching permit.  You may select “save and next” to move to the next tab.

Personal & Professional Fitness Tab

Answer the questions listed.  Any answer of “yes” will require explanation and documentation.

Testing Tab

Upload your Fundamentals of Coaching and First Aid, Health, and Safety certificates.  If you do not have these certificates yet, you may still submit your application.

Fingerprint Tab

Select the option that accurately describes your residency for the last 5 years.  Please note, that attending an out of state college would require you to select option “C”, as this means you were not continuously living in the state of Nebraska.

Declaration, Authorization and Signature Tab

Your electronic signature will need to match the name on the application.  If you previously had started the application, be sure to update your signature to reflect today’s date.

Fee and Payment Tab

To move to the fee and payment, all of the tabs must be saved and have a green check mark next to them.

To renew a Special Services Coaching Permit, applicants must provide verification of coaching experience from within the last 5 years.  Experience can be documented using the Employment Verification form and sent to nde.tcertweb@nebraska.gov.

If experience is not met, applicants should complete the “Fundamentals of Coaching” and “First Aid, Health and Safety” courses. Both courses can be found on the NSAA website and are facilitated by National Federation of High Schools (NFHS).

Applicants do not need to submit college transcripts to receive a Special Services Coaching Permit.

Updated March 28, 2023 3:17pm