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Test Window 1: Return All Test Materials to ACT

Materials need to be received to ACT by 3.31.20. Late Answer documents will not be scored.

Test Window 2: Order Standard Time & Accommodations Materials

Standard Paper Test Date: April 7, 2020

Deadline to Request Reconsideration of ACT Accommodations

Deadline to Request Reconsideration of ACT Accommodations in TAA

Validate Configuration

All Test Windows

Place Additional Paper/Pencil Test Materials Orders

NSCAS Alternate Student Management System Open

Order Additional Accommodations Material for Initial Testing

Order additional  accommodations material for initial testing

Late Consideration for ACT Accommodations

Late Considerations for ACT accommodations through TAA

Deadline 3.20.20

General Assessment Paper/Pencil Test Ordering

Verify Student Info in PANext

Deadline to Update Files

Last day districts can update files.

This applies to all testing.

Last Day to Access 2018-19 Admin

Removal of the 2018-2019 admin from eDIRECT/INSIGHT

Complete Mock Administration

Request For Approved Accommodations

Request for approved accommodations and supports through TAA

SkillsUSA Fall Leadership West Conference