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What a World Language Week: 2019 Shows the Power of Language

Nebraska celebrated the power of languages throughout World Language Week 2019. Student events provided an opportunity to practice and use German, Spanish, and French. The University of Nebraska Kearney offered a special luncheon as part of its film series UNK@TheWorld. Students who showed distinction in language learning were recognized as World Language Distinguished Scholars. The following materials are still available online as free downloads: Power of Languages posters, Power of Languages stickers, College, career, civic ready posters, Infographics.

To see the full biographies of World Language Distinguished Scholars, please visit the online slideshow.

WL Week Special Report: No Such Thing as ‘Enough’ – College Admission Requirements

College entrance requirements for world language vary by school and by program. Students are best advised to consider their ultimate goal and to choose their high school language enrollment accordingly. While the University of Nebraska Lincoln states that incoming students must have two years of world language, some programs at UNL require more.

Programs With an Admissions Requirement of Four Years

  • Anthropology
  • Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Dance
  • Economics
  • Graphic Arts
  • Meteorology
  • News-Editorial
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Theater Arts

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UNK@TheWorld: Roma on April 5, 6 and 7

The University of Nebraska Kearney’s annual spring film series, UNK@TheWorld, continues with a showing of Roma at the World Theater in downtown Kearney.

Dr. Michelle Warren, Professor of Spanish at UNK, shared that Roma is a monumental film in that it is the first Mexican film to win Best Foreign Language film and the first foreign language film to win for Best Director. Lead actress, Yalitza Aparicio, is the first indigenous woman to be nominated for Best Actress.

Roma will be shown April 5 and 6 at 7:30 pm. On April 7, the showing will be at 2:00 pm. Following the presentation of the film, there is a discussion led by Dr. Warren and Dr. Jonathan Dettman. Catering will be provided by Kearney’s Taquería Komal. All performances are free to anyone with a UNK identification and $5 to the general public.

When considering sharing with students, remember that Roma is rated R for violence, strong language, and limited sexual content. Although too strong for younger viewers, it can provide an excellent source for discussion on the topics of family, immigration, prejudice, social violence, and social policy. The movie is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Teach in Nebraska: World Language Positions

The following jobs are posted at Teach in Nebraska, 

  • French 9-12, Creighton Preparatory School, Omaha
  • French 9-12, Roncalli Catholic High School, Omaha
  • Spanish 10-11, Scottsbluff Public Schools, Scottsbluff
  • Spanish 4-12, Central Valley Public Schools, Greeley
  • Spanish 6-8, Scottsbluff Public Schools, Scottsbluff
  • Spanish 7-12, Loup City Public Schools, Loup City
  • Spanish 7-12, Morril Public Schools, Morrill
  • Spanish 7-12, Winnebago Public Schools, Winnebago
  • Spanish 9-12 Teledistance, Educational Service Unit 5, Beatrice
  • Spanish 9-12, Creighton Preparatory School, Omaha
  • Spanish 9-12, Falls City Public Schools, Falls City
  • Spanish 9-12, Falls City Sacred Heart Catholic School, Falls City
  • Spanish 9-12, Fillmore Central Public Schools, Geneva
  • Spanish 9-12, Mercy High School, Omaha
  • Spanish 9-12, Mount Michael Benedictine School, Elkhorn
  • Spanish 9-12, North Platte Catholic Schools, North Platte
  • Spanish 9-12, Schuyler Community Schools, Schuyler
  • Spanish 9-12, South Central NE USD#5, Fairfield
  • Spanish K-8, St. Thomas More School, Omaha
  • Spanish/Art K-12, Nebraska Unified School District #1, Verdigre

WL Week Special Report: World Language as a Career Skill

Job Postings:

Nebraska employers need bilingual staff. The following occupations reflect job postings seeking bilingual employees in various languages in Nebraska in February 2019. Courtesy the NEworks website.

  • Bakers
  • Educators (all ages, all areas)
  • Forest and Conversation Workers
  • Healthcare (all areas)
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Shoe Machine Operators
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Telephone Operators
  • Textile, Apparel, and Furnishings
  • Training and Development Specialists


Meet Your NILA Board: President-Elect Dr. Eckerson

Dr. Janet EckersonDr. Janet M. Eckerson, President-Elect
Past-President NATSP
Spanish Educator, Lincoln Public Schools

What was your motivation to become a language teacher?
When I studied abroad in college my eyes were opened to the power of language to connect you with the world.
Describe your classroom approach in five words or less.
Input, output, interaction and authentic resources
What power do you find in speaking another language?
The power of language to connect you, not just to other individuals in the target culture, but also to an entire word of ideas and experiences beyond your own.  It is a new opportunity to appreciate in a deep and life-changing way the richness of human culture.

WL Week Special Report: Language Course Enrollment in Nebraska

79% of Nebraska secondary students are enrolled in a World Language course.

2017-2018 2016-2017 2015-2016 2012-2013 2009-2010 2006-2007 2003-2004 2000-2001
ASL                7             19               6               0 0 0 0                   –
Chinese        1,057  1,036          892           798 422 81 71                34
French      11,007     13,929      13,131      12,772 8,202 5,314 5,917          5,865
German       6,446  7,184       7,073         7,141 5,552 4,251 4,684           6,761
Japanese           164          208          190            161 188 108 114             264
Latin           946 1,191          969         1,144 886 494 537             709
Russian            30             57           117             49 22 12 15                32
Spanish     85,579 92,177    88,784     84,160 59,478 48,377 46,374        46,776
Language Survey      13,051     14,460     14,199      11,486 12,691 11,288 9,011         9,000
Other       5,956       6,356       5,391       4,449 6,599 5,704 3,607          3,509
Total WL Students    124,243  136,617    130,752    122,160 94,040 75,629 70,330        72,950
Total Students grades 7-12    156,808   154,677  151,812  145,979 144,796 149,154 150,417  Not Available
Percentage of Secondary Students Enrolled in World Language 79% 88% 86% 84% 65% 51% 47% Not Available

The Nebraska Department of Education annually surveys school districts to record course enrollment in secondary coursework that is worth high school credit. The chart reflects the courses listed in the survey and the enrollment numbers, which include grades 7-12.

World Language Review

World Language Week celebrates the teaching and learning of world languages in the state of Nebraska. Nebraska has a long heritage of multilingualism from Swedish Oakland to German from Russia in Lincoln and Czech in Wilbur. Twentieth century immigration enriched Nebraska with more languages such as Spanish, Karen, Arabic, Bosnian, and Vietnamese. Nebraska also relies on languages to promote enterprise and build global relationships. Nebraska has long known that language has the power to make one college, career, and civic ready.

Visit the NDE World Language website for support materials such as poster PDFs, graphs, and social media memes. The website can be found at:

Remember to share out any activities you do to celebrate the Power of Languages on our Facebook, Twitter, or for our newsletter.

Nebraska World Language Distinguished Scholars Recognized

The Nebraska Department of Education and the World Language Advisory Council are recognizing distinguished scholars during World Language Week, March 31-April 6. The theme of World Language Week is, “The Power of Languages To Make You College, Career, and Civic Ready.”

The World Language Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes Nebraska students for their leadership in language learning, commitment to language study, appreciation for cultural diversity, and communicative competence. Students were nominated by their World Language teachers and submitted a portfolio.

To see the 2019 World Language Distinguished Scholars, please visit the online slideshow.

Michelle Warren, UNK @ The World Series, Gains Acclaim

The University of Nebraska Kearney’s Department of Modern Languages, Department of Sociology, Women, Gender & Ethnic Studies, International Studies, and College of Arts & Sciences sponsors its annual spring film series, UNK@TheWorld.

Dr. Michelle Warren, Professor of Spanish at UNK, initiated the film series in 2014. Following the presentation of a film, there is a discussion led by experts or someone with a personal connection to the topic.

The series was highlighted in a feature article of Dr. Warren and her work at UNK, including a research project to record the stories of immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries who relocated to Nebraska. The feature article can be found in Volume XI of UNK’s New Frontiers research publication at