Maps, Interactive of Ethnic Population in Schools


Google maps with multicultural population that is significant. They are interactive and will give you the poverty/mobility rates, school website, website and the number of multicultural youth per school population.


Definitions to the maps are included. Ethnic color flags may differ with each map. PLEASE read the legend provided for each map.

2014-2015 Maps

Ethnicty Maps are available. MAPS

  • Districts over 25% minority
  • Individual race maps for Hispanic, African American, Native American and Two/More races.

2012-2013 Maps

2011-2012 Maps

2010-2011 Maps

Native Daughters Curriculum Companion


What is new???

  • all handouts linked
  • all outside resources linked
  • added information from University of Nebraska Native Daughter’s website
  • interactive videos
  • updated information



Equity Took Kit March 2013
Diversity Performance Report 2011 of Nebraska Public Schools
Diversity Performance Report 2010 of Nebraska Public Schools


Empowering Teacher Guides

Both guides were written/developed by Nebraska educators.

Took Kits

Partnering 4 Student: Native American Students and the Indian Child Welfare Acts (external link)

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March 2011: Time Management for All Ages
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September 2010: Teen Reading
May 2010: Cyberethics









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Multicultural/Diversity Education

Power of the Role Models: interactive, downloadable–updated May 2016


NDE standards has incorporated multicultural education. Visit the weblink to review by content area.

Standards Webpage


Power of the Role Models

Interactive website displaying Native American’s from Nebraska and their occupations.



Title VII Information

U.S. Department of Education
Title VII, Office of Indian Education

The Indian Education Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies Program provides grants to support local educational agencies (LEAs) in reforming and improving elementary and secondary programs that serve Indian students.

The Department funds comprehensive programs that are designed to help Indian students meet the same State academic content and student academic achievement standards used for all students while addressing the language and cultural needs of Indian student. Such programs include supporting the professional development of teachers of Indian students.

U.S. Department of Education webpage on Section 701

U.S. Department of Education formula Grants Application Resources

Office of Indian Education Resources and Related Sites