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Virtual Regional Workshop Registration

You are invited to register for the Virtual Regional Workshop scheduled for October 7th, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Please find the link below that will take you to the registration page. We look forward to sharing information about assessment in Nebraska. A full agenda will be shared before October 7th.




Virtual Regional Workshop Date Change

The Virtual Regional Workshop will be held on the morning of October 7, 2020 (instead of October 8 as originally scheduled). Please hold this time on your calendar but we will record the session if you are not able to attend the live event.


Contacting the Assessment Team

We are still working from home! If you wish to speak with a team member via phone, email your number and we will call you back. Please follow the link to our contact page to find email addresses. Thank you for your patience.


DAC Update 7.23.20

NDE Day Administrator Days July 29, 2020

Be sure to register for Administrators’ Days-NDE Day. The Statewide Assessment Office has a whole series of live presentations. These will all be recorded if you are not able to attend in person. As a whole, we plan to cover the big picture of assessment for the coming year.

New DAC Statewide Assessment Overview August 4, 2020

The Statewide Assessment Overview is intended for new DACs but everyone is welcome to attend. The overview focuses on big picture general information such as processes and where to find resources. The session is scheduled from 9-12:30 and will be recorded for those unable to attend the live event.

Virtual Regional Workshop October 8, 2020 (save the date)

The 2020-21 Assessment Regional Workshop will be held as a single virtual event on October 8, 2020. The session is scheduled from 9 am to noon. The Assessment Regional Workshop is typically an annual series of events that are utilized to convey detailed information about the NDE’s statewide assessment program. The session will be recorded for those unable to attend the live event. Registration will be shared information when available.

Professional Learning Opportunity Kick-Start for Fall Planning

The unprecedented COVID-19 school closures are affecting student academic achievement—so how can you plan for potential accelerated learning loss and greater learning variance among students? Join us to explore our recent research on learning loss—and discover practical strategies for addressing it. In this upcoming session, we’ll focus on helping you understand, plan for, and mitigate the potential impacts of this extended pause when students return to school. We will also have a special presentation by Dr. Nate Jensen on the updated 2020 Norms.  We have included a copy of the PDF Registration Flyerfor you to share with other administrators as they are able to attend.


Register today for this session and join your colleagues around the state to prepare for a virtual day of professional learning

Launch Nebraska Assessment Resources

Hopefully everyone has had an opportunity to review the resources provided from the Launch Nebraska project. For the Assessment Webinar we used and unpublished source from CCSSO. The Restart & Recovery: Assessment Considerations for Fall 2020 is now available and we wanted to make sure everyone had access to this helpful resource.

ACT Fall Testing

The students in the 2021 Cohort will be provided the opportunity to take the ACT this fall.  The Schedule of Events pdf and multiple resources are available on the ACT Nebraska Website under The ACT – Fall Testing tab. Please consider bookmarking that page for your convenience. ACT Test Center Social Distancing Guidelines

ACT Accommodations- If your school has requested accommodations for students in the 2021 cohort, these approved accommodations are still valid.  Each school will need to request a new test date for each individual student in the TAA system.  The link to more information on how to make this request can be found here.   Please note, you must choose September 22 for all students, even if you are testing on October 6.  The deadline for this process and new accommodations requests is August 21, 2020.

On August 3, 2020, ACT Pearson Access Next (PA Next) will be updated with the fall test date.  You will receive an email from ACT about your access and passwords before the opening of the system.  The student lists will be available on August 5, 2020 for you to review and make changes if necessary.

ACT – Fall Student Roster Review REMINDER

Districts have until tomorrow, Friday, July 24, 2020 to review and make any need corrections through ADVISER on their student roster for the 2020 Fall ACT administration for their 2021 cohort students.  This data was pulled from the 2019-20 final data in ADVISER.  Please refer to the 7/20/2020 email sent out from Stacey Weber for details on how to review your roster file. NOTE: there is  an updated Who Reports Version 4.0 NDE posted last Friday.

Roster files in PA Next will be available after August 5th and districts will have the opportunity to make further corrections due to changes in the new academic year (2020-2021).  All corrections on student lists will need to be completed by August 21, 2020 to receive updated barcode labels.  Corrections can be made in PA Next until September 11, but barcode labels will not be available for these additional students.

ELPA21 and TIDE Access

TIDE is the test management system for ELPA21. When NDE is informed of new DACs, the new DAC is added as a district-level user in TIDE. Each DAC should log into TIDE and review and update their district and building users as needed. Log into TIDE at the NE portal: For questions or assistance, contact Allyson Olson at


We know you are all busy and appreciate how difficult it is to plan for assessment activities for the upcoming year. The Statewide Assessment Office is experiencing some of the same difficulties. We are working on plans but also will be responsive to the ever changing circumstances of the school year.

The Statewide Assessment Office

Essential Content for 20-21

Based on research and the progression of the disciplines, the 2020–21 Essential Instructional Content names the priorities in mathematics (K–8) and ELA/literacy (K–12) that should be the focus of instruction for educators in the 2020–21 academic year. These documents provides guidance for the field about content priorities by leveraging the structure and emphases of college- and career-ready mathematics and ELA/literacy standards. It is intended to help publishers, other designers of instructional materials, and instructional leaders find new efficiencies in the curriculum that are critical for the unique challenges that have resulted from school closures and anticipated disruptions in the year ahead, keeping at the forefront principles of equitable instruction that support all students.

Essential Instructional Content for 2020-2021 ELA/Literacy

Essential Instructional Content for 2020-2021 Mathematics (K-8)

Essential Instructional Content for 2020-2021 Mathematics (High School)

Resources Available for World Language Learning During the COVID-19 Crisis

Nebraska Department of Education World Language Program List of Resources

Provides list of online courses, reference materials, tutorials, and authentic resources. List is ongoing and suggestions are welcome. Materials referenced must be completely subscription free, open educational resources.

ACTFL Resource Response to COVID-19 Crisis

ACTFL offers a free one-year membership and access to their materials which include professional development online learning modules, professional library of journals, an online community, and access to AAPPL Communication Builder. AAPPL CB is an online workspace in which teachers can assign tasks in all three modes of communication.

NCSSFL Resource Response to COVID-19 Crisis

NCSSFL leadership has gathered an extensive collection of resources regarding COVID-19, instructional methodology, authentic resources, technology resources for teaching online, and dual language learning online.

CARLA Resources to Support Language Teaching Online

CARLA offers a list of webinars, online resources, social media conversations, newsletters and blogs.

A Crisis Response

Like many aspects of life, the World Language Review was put on hold last month as we all struggled to respond to the COVID-19 Crisis. Working with teachers across the state, I am able to see a wide variety of responses to our new world of online teaching. Eventually we will move beyond this crisis. When we do, there will be some important lessons to keep in mind. Having an online presence is no longer an option in education. While most teachers, especially world language teachers, work with technology in teaching, many of us are not comfortable with online communication software, online course content software, and online grading practices. I encourage you to look for resources to support these areas. Some helpful organizations include NETAGoogle for Education, and ISTE. While there may still be some things to learn, overall educators throughout the state have responded admirably to this crisis by maintaining a sense of norm and a connection for all of their students.

Stephanie Call, World Languages Specialist ♦ 402-471-4331 ♦

Creating a Timeline to Standards Implementation

The Nebraska World Language Standards were approved by the Nebraska State Board of Education in September 2019. Educators around Nebraska have been working through the implementation process. Supporting resources and materials are found at the NDE WL Standards website.


Workshop Portals Offer Easy Standards Guides

Two workshop portals provide resources to work through exploration and to begin initial implementation. Learn about the standards at “Quick Guide to Nebraska’s World Language Standards” and “Program Building with Nebraska’s World Language Standards”. Online workshops can be scheduled for ESU’s or districts. Contact to request a workshop.

Meet Your NILA Board: Secretary Jonathan Dettman

Dr. Jonathan Dettman
Associate Professor, Chair of Modern Languages
University of Nebraska Kearney

Jonathan speaks…Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

How do you maintain your proficiency in the language?
Daily communication and professional activity, mainly teaching and writing.
What would you recommend to educators to build their pedagogy and practice?
Get involved with causes and professional networks beyond your classroom and school.

COVID-19 and The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy

Submissions for The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy will continue. Students may still follow the online process. Applications received by April 15 have been reviewed and awards will be made by the end of May. Processing time is seriously delayed due to the restrictions in place from COVID-19. Applications can still be made. Those applications will be held until September for review and awarding. It is possible for students to receive The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy after graduation.

Students who wish to apply for the Seal will apply through the online application. The application process has no fee and can be found from the Seal website. The application requests the student’s contact information, an upload of proof of eligibility for English and for another language, school information, teacher name, and parent contact information. Once the form is submitted, an automatic response is sent to the parent to notify them that the student has submitted the application.

Call for Proposals NILA 2020: Conference Goes Virtual

The Nebraska International Languages Association invites proposals for the 2020 Fall Conference. Proposals should be appropriate for 50-minute sessions on a variety of topics and are due by Monday June 1, 2020.

The theme of this year’s conference is:  Believe Achieve: Biliteracy in Nebraska…Honestly, it IS for everyone. The NILA Fall Conference will take place on Saturday, October 3, 2020.  This year’s conference will be delivered via a virtual platform (Zoom).

All presenters must still register for the NILA conference: this form does not serve as a formal registration. Please visit the link for the Proposal Form.

NATSP Announces Winning Posters

Nebraska Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (NATSP) entered two students into the AATSP Annual Poster Contest in the “Hand-Drawn” category. Aiden Lewald of Milliard North High School and Cristian Ryan de Castro Cartel of Alfonza W. Davis Middle School were selected to represent Nebraska’s high school and middle schools respectively. Cristian’s poster made it to the final judging and we are awaiting results. Winning entries will be revealed on the AATSP website. Congratulations to both of these very talented World Language artists. This year’s theme was “Spanish and Portuguese for a Multi-Lingual, Multi-Cultural World” or Español y Portugués para un mundo multilingüe y multicultural
Espanhol e Português para um mundo multilíngue e multicultural.

Be sure to look out for information for next year’s contest. The National contest deadline is in the spring (usually around March), but local school level contests can be held anytime during the school year. The contest is open to K-12 students of Spanish / Portuguese whose teachers are members of AATSP. Membership to the Nebraska chapter is free, but teachers must be members of the National AATSP to have posters entered into the contest.

Nebraska Chinese Scholars Recognized

The University of Nebraska Lincoln Confucius Institute (UNL-CI) hosted its annual Speech Competition and Character Bee. The contest is open to non-heritage learners of Chinese in the state of Nebraska. Five school districts, ESU 5, and the University of Nebraska High School offer Chinese programming. As of 2018-2019, 797 Nebraska students were enrolled in Chinese programming 7-12.

UNL-CI’s Speech Competition and Character Bee requires students to present prepared 3-5 minute speeches in Chinese and to respond in Chinese characters to questions posed in Chinese.

This year’s winners are:

The UNL Confucius Institute (Online) Chinese Speech Competition Level 1
First Place Mackenzie Reidy
Second Place Aurora Gunubu
Third Place Alyssa Carlson
Honorable Mention: Zainab Elhag

The UNL Confucius Institute (Online) Chinese Character Bee Level 1
First Place Zainab Elhag
Second Place Ariana Chism
Third Place MacKenzie Reidy

The UNL Confucius Institute (Online) Chinese Speech Competition Level 2
First Place Devon Pope
Second Place Sofia Rodriguez Argaza
Third Place Tricia Sherwood

The UNL Confucius Institute (Online) Chinese Character Bee Level 2
First Place Devon Pope
Second Place Tricia Sherwood

The UNL Confucius Institute (Online) Chinese Speech Competition Level 3
First Place Suong Tran
Second Place Ellie Saksena
Third Place Elise Benson

The UNL Confucius Institute (Online) Chinese Character Bee Level 3
First Place Suong Tran
Second Place Ellie Saksena
Third Place Hajer Aleid

World Language Positions in Nebraska

The following teaching positions were posted as of May 12, 2020 on the Teach in Nebraska website. They are listed from most recent to oldest.

  • World Language Teacher 9-12, Wilber-Clatonia Public School, Wilber
  • Spanish Teacher, South Sioux City Community Schools, South Sioux City
  • Spanish Teacher 9-12, Hastings High School, Hastings
  • Spanish Teacher 6-8, Bluffs Middle School, Scottsbluff
  • Spanish Teacher 7-12, Alma Public Schools, Alma
  • French Teacher 9-12, Mount Michael Benedictine School, Elkhorn
  • Spanish Teacher 9-12, Schuyler High School, Schuyler
  • Spanish Teacher 9-12, Mount Michael Benedictine School, Elkhorn
  • Spanish Teacher 7-12, Humphrey Public Schools, Humphrey