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LIEP Learning Module

Information coming soon.

Standards, Assessment and Accommodations Learning Module


  • Standards, Assessment, and Accommodations Learning Module
    Coming Summer 2018

State Record System

Identifying English Learners on the State Record System

Typically, there are five codes that apply to ELL students in the NSSRS Student Templates.  Not all of these codes will apply to all students.  

Field 95:  LEP Eligibility
Code indicating a student had been identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP).

Field 113:  Redesignated as English Fluent
Code indicating a student has been redesignated as English Fluent, and if redesignated for how many school years.

Field 89:  Immigrant Indicator
Code that best reflects the student’s immigrant status.

Field 41:  LEP Participation
Code indicating student’s participation in a Limited English Proficient (LEP) program. 

Field 42:  LEP Duration
Code indicating the length of time, as of the last Friday in September of the current school year, the student is eligible for the Limited English Proficient (LEP) services and has participated in an LEP program and/or in the mainstream/regular classroom.

Staffing Learning Module

Segments include:

Staffing Requirements (Rule 15):  This segment reviews the staffing and professional development requirements in Rule 15.

Working with and Supporting Paraprofessionals:  Coming soon!

Developing a Professional Development Plan to support English learners:  Coming soon!

Here is a step-by-step guide for access to the modules.

Serving Students with Interrupted or Limited Education (SLIFE) Students

Resources coming soon.

Program Review Learning Module

Program Review Learning Module

NDE has partnered with Nebraska educators and administrators to develop learning modules for schools and districts related to services for English Learners.  Each module is divided into short 3-5 minute segments. Included in each module are important resources and a facilitator’s guide for professional development purposes.  This module is designed to help school staff with the annual English learners program review and written report requirement. Segments include:

Program Review Requirements (Rule 15):  This segment reviews the annual program review and written report requirements in Rule 15.

Preparing for a Program Review:  This segment will help program administrators prepare for their district’s annual program review.

Leading a Program Review:  This segment is meant to guide a district through an actual program review.  It accompanies the program review template included in the resources.

Here is a step-by-step guide to access the modules.

Exiting from the English Learner Program Learning Module

Information coming soon.

Ell Program Guides

The Nebraska ELL Program Guides can assist schools in developing programs for English learners in order to meet State and Federal requirements.  The guides are are meant to be resources for school administrators and teachers in both large and small districts develop and implement EL programs.

Nebraska ELL Program Guide: Administrators 2017 
Nebraska ELL Program Guide: Teachers 2017

Another resource for schools, prepared by Jane D. Hill and Heather Hoak from the North Central Comprehensive Center, is this ELL Resource Guide for schools with a low incidence of ELLs.

ELL Resource Guide:  Top Ten Instructional Tips for Schools With a Low Incidence of ELLS (2012)

Written Report Guidance

English Learner Program Review Guidance

NDE Program Review Written Report Guidance/Samples (posted 11.29.2016)

USDE English Learner Toolkit Chapter 9:  Tools and Resources for Evaluating the Effectiveness of a District’s EL Program (posted 11.29.2016)

Secondary ELL Working Group

As part of our ongoing efforts to supporting ELL Programming across the state, the NDE English Learner Program initiated a Secondary ELL Working Group in Fall 2016.  From there we have grown to include over 30 members from districts and ESUs all over the state.  This group focuses on developing resources and materials and sharing ideas around secondary ELL programming and support.  Anyone who serves secondary ELLs welcome to join the group.  We meet in person 2 times a year and collaborate and communicate online throughout the year.

Here are the 5 guiding principles that inform our work:

  1. We believe all school staff should support English learners (ELs) by increasing their own understanding of language acquisition, best practices for ELs, and the district’s EL program.
  2. We believe in systematic programming and instruction that includes professional development and continued support for all teachers who serve English learners.
  3. We believe all English learners have strengths and funds of knowledge that they bring to enrich our schools and communities.
  4. We believe all English learners have the ability to learn English, participate in grade level content and should have a clear pathway towards graduation.
  5. We believe in building positive relationships with all stakeholders involved in supporting students’ academic achievement.


English Learner Instructional Language Plan
The purpose of this document is to communicate background information of English learners to content teachers and support staff and provide information on classroom supports.

Nebraska ELL Program Guide: A Guide for Secondary ELL Programming
The purpose of this document is to provide districts and schools with ideas for setting up secondary programming and supporting secondary English learners and their families.

Student Monitor Support Plan
The purpose of this document is to communicate information to content teachers and support staff during the 4-year monitor period after students exit the English learner status.