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Internal Policy Directives

Position Statements



(With the 3/3/2017 adoption of B12 [formerly B8] the following changes were made)

B = State Board of Education Bylaws

B3 Board Officers B1
B5 Board Committees B2
B21 State Board Member Code of Conduct B3
B6 Task Force and Advisory Committees B4
B11 Board Meeting Notification for Regular Meetings B5
B13 Agendas/Meeting Materials for Regular Meetings B6
B10 Special Meetings, Emergency Meetings and all Meetings Held by Videoconferencing B7
B14 Parliamentary Procedures/Rules of Order B8
B12 Public Participation at Board Meetings B9
B17 Hearing Officers B10
B4 Legal Assistance B11
B8 Policy Development B12
B9 Rule Development B13
B19 Staff Research and Assistance B14
B15 Board Minutes B15
B7 Board Member Expenses B16
B2 Public Statements by Board Members B17
B18 Political Activity/Use of Resources/Accountability & Disclosure B18
B20 Computer Equipment/Internet Access and Electronic Mail Acceptable Use B19
B16 School Boards Association B20

S = State Board of Education Position Statements

G1 Nondiscrimination and Equal Educational Opportunity in Schools S1
G2 Accountability for a Quality Education System for Today and Tomorrow (AQuESTT) S2
G4 Reading/Writing S3
G5 School Counseling S4
G6 Nebraska Digital Education S11
G7 Expanded Learning Opportunities S5
G8 Developing Global Competence S6
G11 Anti-Bullying S7
G18 American Sign Language S8
G20 Model Policy to Prevent Dating Violence S9
G21 Coordinated School Health S10

P = State Board of Education Internal Policy Directives

D1 Political Activities/Use of Resources P1
D2 Line and Staff Relations P2
D3 Delegation to Commissioner P3
D4 Personnel Policies/State School Policies/Administrative Memos P4
D6 Contracts, Grants and Purchases P5
D7 Professional Personnel Hiring P6
D8 Teaching Certificates P7
D11 Trust Funds P8
D12 Ethics/Accountability & Disclosure P9
D13 Audits of the Nebraska Department of Education P10
G22 Data Access and Use P11

Policy Reference Manual

The Nebraska State Board of Education Policy Reference Manual is a collection of three different types of documents:  Policies, Bylaws and Position Statements.

Each page is identified at the top of the page by type of policy in the following manner:

P          Internal Policy Directives.  This is a set of clear directives that define how the State Board intends the Department to operate and conducts its actions and/or business and how the State Board itself may be involved in such matters.

B          Bylaws.  A Board bylaw is an internal rule or practice as to the State Board’s own operations and meetings.

S          Position Statements.  A position statement lets the public and educators know where the Nebraska State Board of Education stands on a topic, concern, or an educational area.

The State Board of Education has authority to adopt policies and bylaws governing its own Board meetings and the internal operations of the Department and are binding upon the Board, Commissioner, and Department staff until changed by the Board.

The State Board of Education may also issue general position statements regarding educational issues in Nebraska.  These general statements are purely advisory, since they are not state rules or regulations.

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