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Pam Peterson

Pam Petersen is an 8th grade Science teacher at York Middle Schools in York. She spends her days teaching Health, Earth Science and new this year STEM. She is also a member of the NASA Nebraska Space Grant Education Ambassadors and coaches Science Olympiad. Pam has worked to incorporate the NDE STEM concepts into her science classes and also the new STEM class. Pam has always been a hands on educator but now has more resources to use.

Before attending the week long STEM experience, she was hopeful that it would help with curriculum for her classroom and for her new STEM class. After attending though, she found out it was so much more. The summer experience offered curriculum but also sharing ideas, what is working in each fellow’s curricular area and their community, and most importantly a support system of others to help further the STEM movement in Nebraska. Pam also got a much clearer picture of what STEM education is and a frameworks to operate under.

Pam has shared the NDE Stem approach with her school board. Her school is now offering a STEM class to all middle level HAL students. She is excited to bring her expertise to this new class offering and providing other STEM opportunities for the community of York and surrounding areas. Pam has been at YMS for 15 years and is married to John Petersen. They have two children.

Updated October 16, 2018 9:46am