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Assistance is provided by the following Nebraska Department of Education staff. Contact information and a description of services available are included.

Jolene Palmer – State School Security Director
Phone: 402.471.2944

  • Information on School Safety Plans
  • Threat Assessment Training
  • Standard Response Protocol Training
  • Safety Standards
  • School Safety and Security in Nebraska

Cesar Torres – Bullying and Cyber-bullying research associate

Phone:  402.471.0986



  • Help with bullying and cyber-bullying phone calls and emails
  • Help with research and resources about bullying and cyber-bullying

Scott Stemper – Emergency Operations Planning Specialist

Phone:  402.471.4408



  • Provide leadership and guidance for emergency operations planning in schools
  • Assist with the development and effectiveness of emergency operations safety and security plans

Carol Bom – School Safety Office Associate

Phone:  402.471.4350



  • Contact for information on scheduled training or workshops
  • Updates to website

Rhonda Wisdom – American Institutes for Research (AIR) Good Behavior Game (GBG) Grant Associate

Phone:  402.471.4399



  • Contact for AIR Good Behavior Game training
  • Assists AIR Good Behavior Game State Coordinator

Lacey Peters – Director, School Health

Phone: 402.471.4352


  • Institutes/Workshops/Trainings on Coordinated School Health (CSH), Health Education, Physical Education, Coordinated School Health Policy, Wellness Policy
  • Standards, Curriculum mapping, etc.
    The focus is on creating a healthy, welcoming school environment encompassing health education, physical education, health services, nutrition services, mental health, staff wellness, & Family/Community involvement. Bullying, safety & dating violence policies are discussed within a CSH approach along with Rule 10 requirements in regards to health and safety. Conduct 2 statewide surveys for NDE: Youth Risk Behavior Survey & School Health Profiles Survey.

Coordinated School Health Website

Donna Hoffman – Director, School Counseling

Phone: 402.471.4811


  • Counseling Program information
  • Positive development standards for students
    • Academic Development
    • Career Development
    • Personal/Social Development
  • Web Page Information

Anne Oeth – Project Coordinator, PBiS Program

Phone: 402.471.2744


PBiS is a behavior based and research validated process that increases the capacity of schools, families, and communities to develop preventive, proactive, positive environments. The process focuses on building school-wide, classroom and individual systems of support general enough to assist all students, but focused enough to provide students at risk individual help.

    • Benefits all students, and is not limited to any particular group
    • Is based on effective behavioral practices, instructional design, and strategies
    • Approaches behavior in a proactive way by teaching appropriate behaviors
    • Fosters positive adult-to-student relationships
    • Supports the local school continuous improvement process

Schools interested in implementing PBiS should contact the project coordinator for more information.

Nebraska Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

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