MEP Bulletin August 14, 2020


Please welcome Laura Gamboa Urrego to the Nebraska Migrant Education Program team.  Laura is a Grand Island Public School elementary Migrant Facilitator.  You can provide Laura a team welcome by emailing her at  Welcome Laura!!


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Virtual Summer Camps Engage Nebraska Migrant Education Program (MEP) Students

Nine middle school students and eleven high school students from five projects (ESU 1, ESU 15, Grand Island, Lexington, Omaha) enrolled and participated in two Virtual Summer Camps – CAMP CONNECT and BRAIN STEM. The camps are an ongoing project of the Pennsylvania Migrant Education Program and, when the COVID-19 epidemic dashed hopes of in-person services, the door opened to interstate collaboration, bringing together migrant students from Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, and Nebraska to join Pennsylvania students in a virtual summer camp.

Each participating student was provided a tablet and materials to enable active participation in activities and experiments designed to challenge and engage. CAMP CONNECT was a 4-day virtual camp designed for high school migrant students. Through virtual learning, participants gained leadership skills and strengthened academics around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). This virtual camp allowed student’s unimpeded access to build relationships with other campers, feel safe and secure, and establish rapport with the instructors and other staff. Camp Connect was a life affirming experience that changes the way students think about themselves, their education, and connection with those around them. Using the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM model).   Students created and presented a webpage as their final project, reflecting the outcomes of their experiments and experiences. Throughout the week, there was a series of workshops, seminars, motivating speakers, and hands-on activities. Students experienced opportunities to imagine, envision and focus on redefining themselves as leaders, with guidance and examples.  Check out the link below for camp highlights.

BRAIN STEM: Brilliance, Resilience and Achievement IN STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) was  a 5-day virtual camp designed to provide middle school students with experiences to develop an ability to persevere through challenges and realize academic opportunities in STEM. BRAIN STEM fosters team-oriented collaboration to work on academically enriching, motivating, and engaging tasks. Throughout the duration of the camp, students will be engaged in rich inquiry tasks, problem-based learning, STEM projects, keynotes, and team building exercises.

Hayes Center student earns spot in national ‘STEAM’ camp

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