News Release

May 6, 2024

Nebraska Schools Awarded $10 Million in Safety and Security Grants

Nebraska schools have been awarded $10 million in safety and security grants for security-related infrastructure projects, ensuring a safer learning environment for students statewide.

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) received 217 applications, including 162 from public and 55 from nonpublic schools, vying for a share of the $10 million allocated for these critical projects. Each application underwent a rigorous review process by NDE staff with extensive knowledge of school safety strategies. The evaluation was based on a weighted rubric focusing on various components such as program needs, objectives, assessments, implementation, stakeholder engagement, poverty percentage, evidence-based programs, and allowable uses.

Applications were also reviewed for alignment with the four pillars of School Safety & Security: Prevention, Preparedness, Response, & Recovery. These pillars served as a foundational guideline in determining the most effective allocation of funds.

Ultimately, 171 school districts were awarded grants, signifying a substantial step forward in the statewide commitment to creating safer educational environments for all students. The total amount initially requested by the applying schools amounted to more than $55 million, demonstrating the significant need and desire for enhanced security measures across Nebraska’s educational institutions.

For a detailed list of the awarded school districts, please see the attached document.

School Safety and Security Grants

David Jespersen
Public Information Officer, Nebraska Department of Education