News Release

April 24, 2019


The Nebraska Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) met for the 72nd annual State Leadership Conference April 7-9 at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln.

More than 1,300 students and advisers from 85 Nebraska schools traveled to Lincoln to develop their personal leadership and future careers with Nebraska FCCLA. A community service event, “FCCLA Serves,” was held at five community agencies across Lincoln with more than 120 students participating. During three Miracle Minutes, Nebraska FCCLA members and advisers donated more than $1,800 to the Nebraska FCCLA Impact fund, which will be used to support chapters directly impacted by natural disasters.

During the conference, 656 students participated in STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) competitive events. Students placing first and second in the competitive events qualified to complete at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California June 30-July 4.

In addition to the competitive events, elections of FCCLA state officers and leadership positions were held during the conference.

2019-2020 Nebraska FCCLA State Officers:

Sydney Erickson – Pierce – President

Makenna Welke – O’Neill – Vice-President

Alexis Cherry – Twin River – Secretary

Caitlin Murphy – Exeter-Milligan – Vice-President of Competitive Events

Sydney Schildt – Milford – Vice-President of Development

Alyssa Bell – Milford – Vice-President of Membership

Jaiden Johnson – Bloomfield Vice-President of Programs

Irelynd Pearson – Twin River – Vice-President of Public Relations

2019-2020 Nebraska State Peer Officer Teams:

Overall SPOT Council

SPOT Council Coordinator – Conner Oberhauser –Twin River

SPOT Council Vice Coordinator – Alexis Richmond – Chase County

SPOT Council Secretary – Taylor Svoboda – Mullen

Family Leader Team:

Chairperson – Conner Oberhauser – Twin River

Vice Chairperson – Hannah Smith – Overton

Secretary – Emily Carstens – Creighton

Public Relations Chairperson – Emily Pedersen – Aurora

Historian – Ashlyn Schildt – Milford

Career Leader Team:

Chairperson – Taylor Svoboda – Mullen

Vice Chairperson – Sophia Birch– Milford

Secretary – Jett Simpson – Maxwell

Public Relations Chairperson – Irelyn Rosfeld – Callaway

Historian – Alexandra Eisenhauer – Bloomfield

Community Leader Team:

Chairperson – Alexis Richmond –Chase County

Vice Chairperson – Rebekka Jay – Logan View

Secretary – Cassidy June– Milford

Public Relations Chairperson – Harleigh Claussen – O’Neill

Historian – Braiden Moses – Burwell

Nebraska FCCLA Family and Consumer Sciences Education Scholarship:

William Wilton, Centennial

Nebraska FCCLA Non-FCS Education Scholarship:

Katie Patton, Milford

Nebraska FCCLA Administrator of the Year:

Ryan Ricenbaw, Waverly Public Schools

Nebraska FCCLA Distinguished Service Award:

Stacy Luedtke Richmond, Lincoln High School

Nebraska FCCLA Spirt of Advising Award:

Mary Lou Vossler, Exeter-Milligan

Nebraska FCCLA Master Adviser Award

Britton Andreasen, Twin River

Nebraska FCCLA Mentor Adviser Award

Suzanne Martin, Medicine Valley

Honorary Membership Award

Jeanne Bietz, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Nebraska FCCLA State Degree Recipients:

William Wilton, Centennial

Lana Hebda, Twin River

Hallie Ellenwood, Twin River


Members and chapters receiving State Champion and State Runner-up for STAR event are as follows:

Advocacy JR

State Champion – Hannah Yrksoski and Libery Baker, Twin River Jr., Silver

State Runner-Up – Milli Ciprian, Kearney High School, Silver

Advocacy SR

State Champion – Brianna Gable, Waverly High, Gold

State Runner-Up – Jenna Ebbers, Cambridge High, Silver

Applied Math for Culinary Management SR

State Champion – Riley Riggs and Lainey Werts, Saint Edward, Silver

Baking and Pastry Pilot

State Champion – Asya Johnson and Brin Jinright, Centennial, Gold

State Runner-Up – Audri Wolf, Katie Frech, and Rachel Stanke, Milford, Silver

Career Investigation JR

State Champion –Rachel Malander, Boone Central, Gold

State Runner-Up – Annie Corkle, O’Neill, Gold

Career Investigation SR

State Champion – Trevor Brooks, Boyd County, Gold

State Runner-Up – Triniti Gembica, Humphrey, Silver

Chapter in Review Display JR

State Champion – Miranda Batenhorst and Addison Lange, Scribner-Snyder, Gold

State Runner-Up – Stella Heapy and Alania Eberle, Medicine Valley, Silver

Chapter in Review Display SR

State Champion – Claire Harrison, Franklin, Gold

State Runner-Up – Aleesha Bergman and Meredith Wiseman, Neligh-Oakdale, Silver

Chapter in Review Portfolio JR

State Champion –Lynzi Becker and Alyssa Kolbo, Cozad, Gold

Chapter in Review Portfolio SR

State Champion -Margaret Mcginnis, Sydney Lindsedt, and Natalie Engel, Cozad, Gold

State Runner-Up -Samantha Hipke and Elsie Magwire, Boyd County, Silver

Chapter Service Project Display JR

State Champion –Paola Murillo and Daisy Martinez, Gibbon, Gold

State Runner-Up – Anne Cook, Erin Stara, and Paige Willcoxon, Elkhorn High, Gold

Chapter Service Project Display Occupational

State Champion – Daniela Marino and Joseph Ertzner, High Plains, Silver

Chapter Service Project Display SR

State Champion – Hannah Schultz, Ali Cottrell, Raine Taylor, Medicine Valley, Gold

State Runner-Up – Piper Cudzilo, Angel Taylor, Maxwell, Gold

Chapter Service Project Portfolio JR

State Champion – Kennedi Covert, Twin River, Gold

State Runner-Up – Tanner Hollinger, Alex Noyd, Lily Peterson, Cross County, Silver

Chapter Service Project Portfolio SR

State Champion – Gracelyn Adams, Mariah Smalley, and Heather Atkinson, Boyd County, Gold

State Runner-Up – Jaycee Wallace, Overton, Gold

Culinary Arts Occupational

State Champion – Alela Heim, Jorden Heim, and Valeria Marquez, Plattsmouth, Gold

State Runner-Up – Juan Guerrero-Franco and Yajaira Castillo, Ralston, Silver

Entrepreneurship JR

State Champion – Taylor Svoboda, Mullen, Gold

State Runner-Up – Blake Byerly, Bloomfield, Silver

Entrepreneurship SR

State Champion – Gabrielle Krutsinger, Chase County, Gold

State Runner-Up – Hanna Marshall and Molly Paxton, Mullen, Gold

Environmental Ambassador JR

State Champion – Hana Miller and Xiitlaly Sanchez, O’Neill, Silver

State Runner-Up – Jacob Sjuts, Jason Sjuts, and Alex Schemek, Humphrey, Silver

Environmental Ambassador SR

State Champion – Alexis Butterfield and Ryann Haburchak, Chambers, Gold

State Runner-Up – Lizabeth Larsen and Lynnzy Larsen, Waverly, Gold

Fashion Construction SR

State Champion – Mariah Dather, Crofton, Gold

State Runner-Up – Leslie Aspen, Kearney High, Gold

Fashion Design SR

State Champion – Zoe Cole, Waverly, Gold

State Runner-Up – Haley Hosick, Cozad, Silver

Focus on Children JR

State Champion – Jean Cumming, Saint Edward, Gold

State Runner-Up – Peyton Schoone and Abby Fiske, Minden, Gold

Focus on Children SR

State Champion – Calli Weston, Overton, Gold

State Runner-Up – Kelci Hansen, Callie Jackson, and Micah Risch, Howells-Dodge, Gold

Food Innovations JR

State Champion – Chloe Pilakowski, Tessa Cherry, and Libby Held, Twin River, Gold

State Runner-Up – Emmalee Glendy and Sophia Doyle, Callaway, Gold

Food Innovations SR

State Champion – Roy Cumming, Saint Edward, Gold

State Runner-Up – Sicily Goossen, Alyssa Gourley, Jayde Sorensen, Platteview, Gold

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation SR

State Champion – Mariah Watson, Arapahoe, Gold

State Runner-Up – Haley Jones, Mullen, Gold

Illustrated Talk JR

State Champion – Sadie Heckert, Neligh-Oakdale, Gold

State Runner-Up – Jadyn Andersen and Izabella Brown, Mullen, Gold

Illustrated Talk SR

State Champion – Melissa Sextro, Joseph Hiatt, Kiertsen Wheeler, Boyd County, Gold

State Runner-Up – Rebecca Zeleski, Overton, Gold

Interior Design SR

State Champion – Sydney Schildt and Alyssa Bell, Milford, Gold

State Runner-Up – Kaci Mashino, Andrea Hipke, and Kiryn Kayl, Boyd County, Silver

Interpersonal Communications JR

State Champion – Ashlyn Schildt and Myranda Schildt, Milford, Silver

State Runner-Up – Cindy Cooper and Genevieve Dominquez, Maxwell, Silver

Interpersonal Communications SR

State Champion – Addie Bardell, Josie Huffman, and Janie Sommer, Maxwell, Gold

State Runner-Up – Naudia Larsen and Madeline Wittstruck, Milford, Silver

Job Interview SR

State Champion – Sydney Erikson, Pierce, Gold

State Runner-Up – Emma Hoffschneider, Burwell, Gold

Leadership SR

State Champion – Alexis Richmond, Chase County, Gold

State Runner-Up – Caitlin Murphy, Exeter-Milligan, Gold

Life Event Planning JR

State Champion – Samuel Coble, Mullen, Gold

State Runner-Up – Hailey Hanneman and Grace Ziegler, Aurora, Gold

Life Event Planning SR

State Champion – Alex Brestel, Kalli Kayl, and Bailey Reed, Boyd County, Gold

State Runner-Up – Jose Luna-Duran and Lesly Luna-Duran, Neligh-Oakdale, Silver

National Programs in Action JR

State Champion – Rachel Strain, Makynzie Swantek, and Kamryn Lemburg, Twin River, Gold

State Runner-Up – Abby Lawton, Overton, Gold

National Programs in Action SR

State Champion – Carlin Adams, Calyn Mowinkel, and Elizabeth Ross, Milford, Gold

State Runner-Up – Morgan Sindt and Whitney Bauer, Elm Creek, Gold

Nebraska Consumer Issues JR

State Champion – Tyler Hanson and Andrew Hochstein, Bloomfield, Gold

State Runner-Up – Triston Moses, Burwell, Gold

Nebraska Family Challenges & Issues

State Champion – Alexus Sindelar, Pierce, Gold

State Runner-Up – Angel Brummet, Overton, Gold

Nebraska Family Challenges and Issues SR

State Champion – Maggie Lutz, Sydney Reichart, Dundy County Stratton, Gold

State Runner-Up – Tiffany Mayfield, Burwell, Gold

Nebraska Health and Wellness JR

State Champion – Elizabeth Harding, Kathryn Novocek, and Kathryn Tzunux, Schuyler, Gold

State Runner-Up – Lola Erpelding and Hope Pickel, Elm Creek, Gold

Nebraska Health and Wellness SR

State Champion – Emilee Taylor, Burwell, Gold

State Runner-Up – Melissa Escobar and Vanessa Serrano, Schuyler, Silver

Nebraska Parliamentary Procedure

State Champion – Ellie Fredrick, Saint Edward, Silver

State Runner-Up – Myah Essman, Maxwell, Bronze

Nutrition and Wellness JR

State Champion – Ashley Pischel, O’Neill, Gold

State Runner-Up – Paige Nolan, Humphrey, Silver

Nutrition and Wellness SR

State Champion – Ryanna Polenske, Waverly, Gold

State Runner-Up – Elsie Magwire, Boyd County, Gold

Parliamentary Procedure SR

State Champion – Brooke Groth, Emilie Kelley, Brittany Preister, Erin Reynoldson, Destiny Umarger, and Samantha Weeder, Boone Central, Silver

State Runner-Up – Abbey Maibaum, Allison Altwine, Anastacia Suing, Brittany Tramp, Kaley Einrem, Julie Jones, Valerie Kaiser, Jessica Lange, Crofton, Silver

Promote and Publicize FCCLA! JR

State Champion – Laynee Boltz, Lisselle Lucas, and Elio Nila, Maxwell, Silver

State Runner-Up – Ella Hostetler, Milford, Silver

Promote and Publicize FCCLA! SR

State Champion – Conner Oberhauser, Nic Euse, Alexis Cherry, Twin River, Gold

State Runner-Up – Paige Ervin, Kaelie Tomlin, Abby Andrews, Cambridge, Silver

Recycle and Redesign JR

State Champion – Kade Youngblood, Chambers, Silver

State Runner-Up – Kennan Robinson, David City, Silver

Recycle and Redesign SR

State Champion – Jenny Goesch, Boyd County, Gold

State Runner-Up – Kyler Horn, Brady County, Gold

Say Yes to FCS Education

State Champion – Josiah Gonzales, Scottsbluff, Gold

State Runner-Up – Mackynna Gross, Seward, Silver

Sports Nutrition JR

State Champion – Wyatt Ehlers, Chamber, Gold

State Runner-Up – Brooklyn Macholan, Lilly Praest, and Ashlynn Throener, Howells-Dodge, Gold

Sports Nutrition SR

State Champion – Emma Bixler, Neligh-Oakdale, Gold

State Runner-Up – Audrey Coufal, Cara Dvorak, and Janessa Schmidt, Howells-Dodge, Gold

Teach and Train JR

State Champion – Cassidy June, Milford, Silver

State Runner-Up – Lilly Hoerle, Chambers, Silver

Teach and Train SR

State Champion – Skylar Long, Neligh-Oakdale, Gold

State Runner-Up – Camryn Jensens, Seward, Gold


Nebraska FCCLA presented the Adviser Committed to Excellence (ACE) Award to the following local chapter advisers.

Lisa Groth, Boone Central

Canace Cain, Burwell

Reba Deterding, Cambridge

Abigail Smith, Centennial

Kathleen Kennedy, Central Valley

Michelle Irvine, Cozad

Theresa McDowell, Franklin

Marlene Ronnfeldt, Gibbon

Miranda Bright, High Plains

Darla Windholz, Holdrege

Megan Hillen, Leigh-Clarkson

Tracy Way, Lincoln Southwest

Pat Kassmeier, Logan View

Jerlyn Hohnholt, Maxwell

Sheelagh Lucas, Maxwell

Suzanne Martin, Medicine Valley

Joyce Potthoff, Milford

Pam Johnson, Minden

Kimberly Scarborough, Neligh-Oakdale

Ann Mann, O’Neill

Carmen Hall, Omaha Bryan

Angie Ehlers, Overton

Nicki Pedeliski, Platteview

Britton Andreasen, Twin River

Michelle Galles, Wakefield

Mallory Gregory, Waverly

Sarah Medina, West Holt

Nebraska FCCLA Knowledge Bowl Team Champions:

Boyd County

Red and White Affiliation Awards:

High Plains




Twin River




Nebraska Public Relations Award:

Twin River

Future FCS Teacher Recognition:

Hailey Ostanowski, St. Edward

William Wilton, Centennial

Josiah Gonzales, Scottsbluff

Leslie Aspen, Kearney

Haley Jones, Mullen

Payje Rayback, Leigh-Clarkson

Skylar Long, Neligh-Oakdale

Mallory Kern, Platteview

Emma Torske, Waverly

Say Yes to FCS Collegiate Signing Participants:

Kailey Clatt, Waverly, Fashion Design, Metro Community College

Zoe Cole, Waverly, Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Katie Patton, Dietetics, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Sicily Goossen, Platteview, Culinary Arts, Metro Community College

Josiah Gonzales, Scottsbluff, FCS Education, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

William Wilton, Centennial, FCS Education, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Leslie Aspen, Kearney, FCS Education, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Hailey Osantowski, Saint Edward, FCS Education, Wayne State College

Haley Jones, Education, Chadron State College

Ultimate Leader Award:

Ellery Jett Simpson, Maxwell

Nebraska National Program Awards:

Career Connection – Grand Island Northwest

Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) – Twin River

Families First – Twin River

Financial Fitness – Logan View

Community Service – Boyd County

STOP the Violence – Howells-Dodge

Student Body – Howells-Dodge

Chapter Developer Award:


New Chapter Affiliation Awards:




Omaha Bryan High School

Gold Chapter Awards:

Boyd County

Chase County







Lincoln Southwest

Logan View


Medicine Valley





Twin River



Silver Chapter Awards:

Battle Creek


Grand Island Northwest

High Plains


Bronze Chapter Awards:

Bryan High

Dundy County Stratton




Adviser Years of Service Recognition Awards:

41 Years: Nancy Bartels, Red Cloud

40 Years: Ann Mann, O’Neill; Sherry Smith, Wheeler Central

30 Years: Patricia Kassmeier, Logan View

15 Years: Margo Houlden, Friend

10 Years: Gaylene Hallman, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge; Mollie Kriz, Wahoo

5 Years: Lyndee Koch, Brady; Alicia Hoffman, Bruning-Davenport; Chelsie Thayer, Chase County; Janice Nelson, Creighton; Ashley Knust, Elkhorn Valley; Joyce Potthoff, Milford; Susan Waldron, Millard West

Nebraska FCCLA is supported through the Nebraska Center for Student Leadership and Expanded Learning at the Nebraska Department of Education.

David Jespersen
Public Information Officer, Nebraska Department of Education