News Release

July 20, 2021


Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) held the organization’s first-ever Hybrid National Leadership Conference. More than 4,500 students from around the country got a taste of normalcy at this year’s National Leadership Conference, held June 27-July 2, 2021. The conference was hosted in a hybrid format, with participants attending in-person in Nashville, TN, and virtually from across the country. After over a year of health mandates, social distancing, and virtual learning, FCCLA’s student members were ready to reunite in person to participate in professional development opportunities, career exploration, and youth leadership sessions aimed at advancing families, careers, and communities through Family and Consumer Sciences education.

Nebraska had more than 70 students and advisers attend the conference in Nashville with another 160 participants taking part virtually.

“Those attending virtually could experience the conference very similarly to those attending in-person, and however members participated, they were still able to grow as individuals and leaders,” said Kaylee Hilbers, 2021-22 Nebraska State FCCLA President.

‘Beyond Measure’ was the theme for the conference. Not only have members been encouraged to lead, advocate, educate, grow, and influence beyond measure in the past year, they were also challenged to define what it means to ‘Be Me.’ Throughout the ups and downs of the 2020-21 school year, FCCLA members had the opportunity to live out the themes through various local, state, and national FCCLA projects, conferences, and experiences. The hybrid National Leadership Conference was the culminating event of the year, meant to celebrate successes and provide opportunities for continued growth.

Rebekka Jay, a senior at Logan View Jr/Sr High School, was one of 25 National Officer Candidates vying for a position on the 2021-22 National Executive Council. Even though Rebekka was not selected to serve as a national officer during the upcoming year, the experience of serving as a National Officer Candidate was a major honor.

Nebraska had one chapter selected as National Program Award winner. The Howells-Dodge FCCLA Chapter’s FACTS (Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety) National Program project was selected as runner-up, receiving a $500 award for their efforts to increase seat belt usage in their school and educating elementary students about the importance of wearing seat belts. Their chapter was also the recipient of the state-level FACTS award, which included a $1,000 cash prize.

Howells-Dodge FCCLA was also recognized as one of six Lead4Change Spring 2021 Challenge winners and received a $10,000 grant for a non-profit of their choice. As part of their project, Howells-Dodge FCCLA members worked to help children develop a love for books and reading through Literature for Littles.

The 2021 Spirit of Advising Award was given to Kimberly Scarborough from Neligh-Oakdale Jr/Sr High School, who is serving as the Nebraska FCCLA Board of Directors Chairperson. This is an honor bestowed on only one FCCLA Chapter Adviser from each state. Kimberly was also recognized as a Master Adviser during the conference.

In addition to the many learning and networking experiences at the conference, more than 30 Family and Consumer Sciences-related competitive events, also known as STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Events were offered.

Nebraska had 184 members compete in the national STAR Event competition, earning 85 Gold medals, 90 Silver Medals, and 9 Bronze medals:

First Place

  • Emily Hagemann & Hayden Wulf, Kearney – Chapter in Review Portfolio, Level 3, Gold
  • Laynie Allen, Isabella Ferris, & McKenzie King, Twin River – Chapter Service Project Portfolio, Level 1, Gold
  • Cassidy June, Milford – Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation, Level 3, Gold
  • Rachel Malander, Boone Central – Leadership, Level 3, Gold
  • Brooklyn Cahoy, O’Neill – Nutrition & Wellness, Level 1, Gold
  • Ashley Pischel, O’Neill – Repurpose & Redesign, Level 2, Gold
  • Alexz Rodriquez, Overton – Teach & Train, Level 2, Gold

Second Place

  • Deakon Lauby, Overton – Career Investigation, Level 1, Gold
  • Kaydense Hansen & Ava Neujahr, David City – Chapter in Review Display, Level 2, Gold
  • Maria Gonzalez, Sahrai Luna, & Katie Vanderveen, Wakefield – Chapter Service Project Display, Level 3, Gold
  • Miranda Batenhorst & Bailey Harpham, Logan View – Digital Stories for Change, Level 2, Silver
  • Brynn Settje & Ella Urban, Leigh/Clarkson – Event Management, Level 1, Silver
  • Alexis Tira, Minden – Fashion Construction, Level 2, Gold
  • Ashley Caballero & Jaquelin Luna-Duran, Neligh-Oakdale – Food Innovations, Level 1, Gold
  • Alexis Butterfield & Mary Walnofer, Chambers – Food Innovations, Level 3, Gold
  • Autumn Lindsley & Drew Whitney, David City – Interior Design, Level 2, Gold
  • Abby Lawton, Overton – National Programs in Action, Level 3, Gold
  • Kalli Niemann, Brittany Preister, Cheyenne Ruhnke, Emma Thompson, & Samantha Weeder, Boon Central – Parliamentary Procedure, Level 3, Gold
  • Shayla Jacobsen, Plainview – Repurpose & Redesign, Level 1, Gold
  • Jaqueline Lara-Patino & Lluvia Montelongo, Scottsbluff – Sustainability Challenge, Level 3, Gold
  • Marisa Malander, Boone Central – Teach & Train, Level 2, Gold

Third Place

  • Garrett Alexander & Logan Kershaw, Twin River – Chapter in Review Portfolio, Level 1, Silver
  • Hana Miller, O’Neill – Chapter in Review Portfolio, Level 2, Gold
  • Danika Kreifels & Adelyn Ten Kley, Logan View – Entrepreneurship, Level 1, Gold
  • Olivia Lauck & Brooke Pinkelman, Bloomfield – Entrepreneurship, Level 2, Gold
  • Katilyn Palik & Choe Zegers, David City – Event Management, Level 2, Gold
  • Piper Dather, Crofton – Fashion Construction, Level 2, Gold
  • Kylie Cautrell, Winside – Fashion Construction, Level 3, Gold
  • Troia Drey & Jessica Nelson, Logan View – Professional Presentation, Level 2, Gold

Fourth Place

  • Brynn Almgren, Teegan Henderson, & Natasha Zeisler, Boyd County – Chapter Service Project Portfolio, Level 2, Gold
  • Jillian Dames & Kelby Dames, Scribner-Snyder – Instructional Video Design, Level 3, Silver
  • Jaiden Johnson, Bloomfield – Leadership, Level 3, Gold
  • Jaelynn Roberts, Overton – National Programs in Action, Level 1, Gold
  • Daisy Kanode, Exeter-Milligan – Professional Presentation, Level 3, Gold
  • Harleigh Claussen, O’Neill – Say Yes to FCS Education, Level 3, Gold
  • Tram Ngo, Crete – Sustainability Challenge, Level 3, Gold

Fifth Place

  • Emma Wubben, Hartington-Newcastle – Career Investigation, Level 2, Gold
  • Aspen Henderson & Koda Pell, Medicine Valley – FCCLA Chapter Website, Level 2, Gold
  • Cassidy Aycock & Courtney Oswald, Aurora – Focus on Children, Level 3, Gold

Sixth Place

  • Aubree Whitaker, Chambers – Chapter Service Project Portfolio, Level 1, Gold
  • Abby Fiske & Peyton Schoone, Minden – Chapter Service Project Portfolio, Level 3, Silver
  • Kaylee Hilbers, Logan View – Job Interview, Level 2, Gold
  • Jena Spady, Garden County – Leadership, Level 2, Gold
  • Mazie Beister, Audra Groth, Briana Johnson, Cassidy Maricle, Isabella Meyer, Natalie Pelster, & Natalie Schrad, Boone Central – Parliamentary Procedure, Level 2, Silver

Seventh Place

  • Caydence Guthard, Boone Central – Career Investigation, Level 2, Gold
  • Sydney Fisher, Northwest – Entrepreneurship, Level 3, Gold
  • Jayna Moses & Ella Vore, Burwell – Interpersonal Communications, Level 2, Silver
  • Emerson Swanson, Arapahoe – Leadership, Level 2, Gold
  • Ava Cramer & Alyssa Renken, Cross County – National Programs in Action, Level 1, Silver
  • Mason Knox, Chambers – Nutrition & Wellness, Level 1, Silver
  • Charles Cawley, Elmwood-Murdock – Sports Nutrition, Level 1, Silver
  • Madison Kratz, West Holt – Teach & Train, Level 1, Bronze
  • Avery Olnes, Boone Central – Teach and Train, Level 3, Gold

Eighth Place

  • Sydney Howerter, Madelyn Spaulding, & Kelsey Shotkoski, Cozad – Chapter Service Project Display, Level 2, Silver
  • Bailey Arnold & Kaylee Smith, Minden – Entrepreneurship, Level 3, Gold
  • Izabel Hollatz & Baylee Settje, Leigh/Clarkson – Focus on Children, Level 1, Silver
  • Sara Morrow, O’Neill – Focus on Children, Level 3, Gold
  • Myranda Schildt, Milford – Food Innovations, Level 2, Gold
  • Leah Livingston & Sonny Sowles, Minden – Repurpose & Redesign, Level 3, Gold

Ninth Place

  • Hannah Ryun, Scribner-Snyder – FCCLA Chapter Website, Level 2, Silver
  • Hailey Romesser, Chambers – Food Innovations, Level 1, Silver
  • Mollie Corkle, O’Neill – Professional Presentation, Level 1, Silver

Tenth Place

  • Andrea Hipke & Kaci Mashino, Boyd County – Chapter in Review Portfolio, Level 3, Silver
  • Winnie Huber, O’Neill – Focus on Children, Level 2, Silver
  • Trevor Brooks & Kiryn Kayl, Boyd County – Food Innovations, Level 3, Gold
  • Gracelyn Eisenmann & Tanyn Larson, Leigh/Clarkson – National Programs in Action, Level 2, Gold
  • Milli Ciprian, Kearney – Public Policy Advocate, Level 3, Gold
  • Kaitlyn Byerly & Ava McFarland, Bloomfield – Repurpose & Redesign, Level 1, Gold

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education. FCCLA reaches more than 155,000 members and over 5,000 Family and Consumer Sciences educators in the United States and territories.

David Jespersen
Public Information Officer, Nebraska Department of Education