Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President upon written notice as provided in B5, given at least five days preceding the meeting, or, in the absence of such call by the President, the Commissioner of Education shall call such special meeting upon the individual written request of a majority of members of the State Board.

Emergency meetings may be called by the President in accordance with the provisions of section 84-1411(5) of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska (R.R.S.).

The Board will comply with the applicable provisions of the Open Meetings Act (84-1407 to 84-1414 R.R.S.) for all regular, special and emergency meetings.

The agenda for any special or emergency meeting shall be prepared by the Commissioner in consultation with the Board President.

Meetings may be held by means of videoconferencing.  The Board will comply with all the provisions of 84-1411(2) R.R.S. when meeting by means of videoconferencing.  No more than one-half of the State Board’s meetings in a calendar year may held by videoconferencing.