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On July 13, 2017, the Nebraska Innovation Grant Program participated in a breakout session at the Governor’s Economic Development Summit. This session, titled “Innovation in Education – Examples from the Field,” featured three grant recipients describing their projects’ connections to developing the next generation workforce. Dr. Mark Weichel of Westside discussed how his school’s efforts with personalized learning support student college and career readiness and engage businesses and community members. Dr. Cherie Larson presented on Plattsmouth’s wall-to-wall career academy, and how NDE’s reVISION grants contributed to better alignment of education with career needs in the region. Finally, Mr. Josh Jones described his work with the Expanded Learning Opportunity Design Challenge and the creation of “So You Want to be a…” career readiness curriculum to be used by elementary and middle schoolers across the state in the fall.


Plattsmouth Community Schools’ Wall-to-Wall Career and College Readiness

Scottsbluff Public Schools’ Wall-to-Wall Career Academies

Expanded Learning Opportunity Design Challenge

Westside Community Schools’ 21st Century Personalized Learning

Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council (ESUCC) – Data-driven Ecosystem Enhancing Teaching And Improving Learning for Students- DE2TAILS

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