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The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) recognizes the critical nature of partnerships in the work of supporting school districts in Nebraska.  Much of the capacity NDE needs to accomplish its work is provided by several external partners.  These partners rely upon the role NDE fills in accomplish their work as well.  For this reason, it is important to communicate, collaborate, and develop good working relationships between these partners.  The Project Management Office is responsible for much of the work around developing and maintaining the processes of the crucial partnerships.  It is anticipated that the work and role these partnerships play will continue to expand.  NDE will continue to identify other critical partners as time progress as well. 

Educational Service Units

  • Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council (ESUCC)
    • Two way monthly communication process between NDE and ESUCC
  • Educational Service Units (ESU) Professional Development Organization (PDO)
    • Participation in planning for quarterly meeting
    • Aligning content of PDO meetings with joint ESU and NDE work
  • ESU affiliates
    • NDE Attendance at affiliate meetings each month
      • Coordination of affiliate work and NDE work with districts

Data Cadre

  • Partner with ESUs to provide data support to Nebraska school districts
    • Perceptual surveys for district use
    • Data analysis for school improvement training
    • Prototypes for online data reports
    • Future online data literacy professional development
  • Link to data cadre resources on ESUCC site

Committee for Coordination of Systemic Improvement (CCSI)

  • Joint membership between NDE and ESU staff
  • Coordinates support offered to Needs Improvement Districts
  • Develop capacity to provide all districts with the same supports received by priority and needs improvement schools
  • Integrate previous work with Priority schools

Higher Education

  • Represented on the Data Cadre
  • Work with online data professional development modules


  • MOU for sharing of statewide MAP data for display on NDE data systems
  • File sharing of statewide MAP data
  • Report creation for MAP data housed in the Nebraska Education Profile

For more information about the NDE Partnerships contact Russ Masco at or phone 405-405-1748.







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