Health Science

Career Pathways and Specialty Examples

Health Informatics

Workers occupy many different levels of health care related employment. This pathway includes health care administrators who manage health care agencies as well as those individuals who are responsible for managing all of the patient data and information, financial information, and computer applications related to health care processes and procedures.

Admitting Clerk
Applied Researcher
Cancer Registrar
Certified Compliance Technician
Clinical Account Manager
Clinical Account Technician
Clinical Coder
Clinical Data Miner
Clinical Data Management Specialist
Clinical Data Specialist
Community Services Specialists
Data Quality Manager
Decision Support Analyst
Health Educator
Health Information Administrator
Health Information Technician
Health Information Services
Healthcare Administrator
Healthcare Finance Professional
Information Privacy Officer
Information Security Officer
Managed Care Contract Analyst
Medical Assistant
Medical Illustrator
Medical Information Technologist
Medical Librarian
Patient Account Manager
Patient Account Technician
Patient Advocates
Patient Information Coordinator
Project Manager
Quality Management Specialist
Quality Data Analyst
Reimbursement Specialist
Risk Management
Unit Coordinator
Utilization Manager
Utilization Review Manager

For a printable list from the National Consortium for Health Science Education, click here:
Health Science Career Specialties Chart.

UNMC’s Careers in Health Care booklet. Although this was published in 2010, this booklet may still have relevant information for students today.

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