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NAEP-Tools & Resources

Learning More about NAEP…

Want to know more about NAEP, what it looks like for students, and gain access to past assessment results?  The links below provide brief descriptions, simulations and video-overviews.  These links and others can be accessed from

  • Why are NAEP assessments going digital? Watch this two-minute video.
  • How do students know how to use the digital platform?  Visit the tutorial webpage, then, scroll down and select a content area to experience a tutorial that students receive before taking their assessment.
  • The Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) test measures how well students can apply engineering and technology skills to real-life situations. Watch this video to learn more about this interactive and highly engaging assessment.  Experience a TEL assessment by completing one of the following three sample tasks:

Sample Tasks (“TAKE THIS TASK” may take a few minutes to load.)

    1. Develop an Online Exhibit about Chicago’s Water Pollution Problem in the 1800s
    2. Design a Safe Bike Lane
    3. Create an Ideal Iguana Habitat




  • Item maps describe what students are able to do at the basic, proficient, and advanced levels. Click here to access Item Maps. Scroll down to select a content area and grade level.


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