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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities with NDE

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Data Architect/Business Intelligence Lead

To ensure effective and secure data usage, implement business intelligence tools, and integrate applications supporting the goals and strategies of the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE). Additionally, this position is responsible for leading the transformation of data systems to support teaching and learning in Nebraska.


Reviews Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) contracts and other related contractual documents; assist General Counsel's Office staff.

Employment Opportunities with Vocational Rehab

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Employment Opportunities for Educators

If you’re a teacher or administrator looking for a position in Nebraska’s schools, we can help point you in the right direction. Contrary to popular belief, NDE does not hire teachers and administrators that work in the schools, each school district hires their own personnel.

Click on the links below to access websites that list teacher and administrator vacancies in Nebraska. NDE does not maintain or take responsibility for the information provided on these external sites.