Perfection is a goal sought by many and obtained by few. 17 Nebraska students who were honored recently achieved just that – perfect scores on the ACT and SAT. Governor Pete Ricketts congratulated the students, their parents, and their teachers for the accomplishment.

“Getting a top score on the ACT or SAT does not happen by accident. Students from Chadron to Omaha who achieved  the highest level of academic excellence on these college entrance exams should be very proud,” said Governor Ricketts during the recognition ceremony.

Dr. Cory Epler, Chief Academic Officer for the Nebraska Department of Education also commended the students on their success.  “These students represent the hard work and
academic excellence seen throughout the state. They are the next generation of teachers, healthcare workers, engineers, researchers, scientists and leaders. Congratulations on this much-deserved honor.”

Less than one-tenth of one percent of graduates who take the ACT get a perfect score of 36. Nebraska’s average ACT score is 21.4. A perfect score on the SAT is 1600.

Each of the students had a chance to address those in attendance and share what the next step in their journey will be. All of the students are planning on going to college. Their majors include science, math, engineering, pre veterinary medicine, pre-med, political science,
Spanish, and more.

While about half of the students plan on going to school outside of Nebraska, the Governor made sure to let them know there will be a place for them back home when they graduate.

“We want you back in Nebraska. When it comes time to make that decision,” Ricketts said.

A full list of the students who received perfect scores can be found on NDE’s website.