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Special Education Reporting Information



  • 2019 Data Conference
  • Staff Reporting and Reimbursement Connection Data Conference Presentation  Contact:  Lori Adams (  (05/16/2019)
    So sorry we missed the data conference but we have recorded our presentation located at: .  Please view this 15 minute video and if you have any additional questions, you may contact one of us.  This is a change to the process for these grants.  In the past changes to staff reporting were allowed for almost a year after the school year, that will not be allowed starting in 2018-2019. The most important pieces to take away from this presentation are:

      1. Ensure you have reported your reimbursable staff with positions in Staff Reporting correctly on or before 6/15 (Special Program Indicator and Position Assignment are important when NDE determines if staff are qualified and what program/report to include them in).  No changes will be allowed after 6/30 unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Time and Effort logs should also be completed by 6/30.
      2. There is an updated report in Staff Reporting Validation/Verification reports for Staff called Staff Reporting for GMS Grant Applications.  The reimbursable staff for each program must be Qualified = Y and listed on the appropriate report (you can use a drop down to see the additional reports by funding).  If the staff are not listed on the report or under the Qualified = N, these are staff that will not be reimbursable.
      3. DO NOT DELETE any assignments unless they were reported wrong from the beginning of the year.  You can put a Completion Date to an assignment and if needed add a new assignment.
  • Administrator Days (NDE_Day) – Special Education Financial Report (SPEDFRS) 101 (07/31/2019)


  • Mileage Reimbursement Rate
    • 2018 @ $.545 (January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2017)
    • 2019 @ $.58 (January 1, 2019 – Current)

New– Special Education Financial Reporting System (SPEDFRS) – (NDE Portal-Data Collections)

–  Access will be available September 23rd 

  • Includes the following:
    • Reporting by Age Group
      • Ages 0-2
      • Ages 3-5
      • Ages 5-21
    • Reporting by:
      • Disbursement Function Code
      • Major Object Codes
    • Validation with the Annual Financial Report (AFR) and Grants Management System (GMS)
    • Transportation – Includes vehicle repository,  depreciation tracking and vehicle odometer readings (start of fiscal year – end of fiscal year)
    • Appropriate Special Education SPI Code and Staff Assignment eligible for reimbursement from Staff Reporting: “I” –IDEA funding for School Age; “S” –State/Local Funding and “7” – IDEA funding for Early Childhood)  – (StaffFileUploadRecordLayout_SPEDFRS)
    • Contracted Services – eligible for reimbursement using Approved Service Providers approved by NDE
    • Tuition Received
    • Support Services
    • Supporting Documentation Upload Requirements

USER Manual – SPEDFRS – new

Questions and Answers (SPEDFRS) – new

StaffFileUploadRecordLayout_SPEDFRS – new 09/19/2019

Special Education Financial Reporting System (SPEDFRS) Release Information 09/19/2019

Special Education Financial Reporting System (SPEDFRS) AFR Account Information 9/19/2019




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