Family Involvement
Harvard Family Research Project (posted 5.25.2017)

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  • Informing Family Engagement Policy
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ERIC: The Relationship between Parental Involvement and Adequate Yearly Progress among Urban, Suburban, and Rural Schools
Parent-initiated parental involvement demonstrated significantly positive relationships with both making AYP and staying off the category of schools in need of mandatory improvement across urban, suburban, and rural schools, whereas school-initiated parental involvement demonstrated significantly negative relationships with both outcomes across urban and suburban schools. 2014 Social Media Use Among State and Local Education Agencies May 2013
The questionnaire results help illustrate how social media opens up new opportunities for agencies to inform audiences, some of them once hard to reach.

National Network of Partnership Schools, Johns Hopkins University:
Six Types of Involvement: Keys to Successful Partnerships Joyce Epstein National Network for Partnership Schools

The Impact of Family Involvement on the Education of Children Ages 3 to 8
Voorhis, Maier, Epstein, Lloyd (2013)

The SEDL National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools: Research Syntheses

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