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Toolkit of Resources for Engaging Families and the Community as Partners in Education
IES: Institute of Education Sciences; U.S. Department of Education (posted 5.25.2017)
This toolkit is a four-part resource that brings together research, promising practices, and useful tools and resources to guide educators in strengthening partnerships with families and community members to support student learning.

Part 1: Building an Understanding of Family and Community Engagement
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Part 2: Building a Cultural Bridge
pdf fileView, download, and print Part 2 as a PDF file (236 KB)

Part 3: Building Trusting Relationships with Families and the Community through Effective Communication
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Part 4: Engaging All in Data Conversations
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Five Resources for Family Engagement: Quality Standards in Family Engagement
These five free resources will provide you with examples of quality standards in family engagement for afterschool and school day programming.

Family Engagement Surveys
Kansas Parent Information Resource Center

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