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Expanded Learning Opportunities

Policy for Expanded Learning Opportunities
Nebraska State Board of Education, September 6, 2013
Quality Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) programs build on, support, and
enhance learning during times when students are not in school (before and after school, weekends, and summer) are, therefore, a critical component of Nebraska’s educational landscape and one that should be intentionally supported and developed in communities across our state.

Nebraska Loves Our Public Schools feature on Liberty Elementary-A Community Solution
Liberty Elementary in Omaha has become a true haven for students and parents alike, and parents are responding by participating in their child’s education in a variety of ways, including volunteering at the school. Because many of its students participate in school’s Completely KIDS before- and after-school programs, the school has worked hard to ensure that daily lessons are incorporated into this curriculum in fun and hands-on ways.

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