NDE’s ESSER III Application and Statewide Investments

NDE’s Five Investment Priorities

After extensive feedback from stakeholders and reviewing preliminary data from the 2020-21 school year, the NDE developed the following five priority areas for statewide investments.

  1. Access to Comprehensive Mental Health Services
  2. Reimagined Family and Community Engagement
  3. High-Quality Professional Learning and Bolstering the Teacher Pipeline
  4. Focus on Unfinished Learning and Supporting Learning Acceleration
  5. Modernize Information, Data, Technology, and Process Systems

Learn more about NDE’s specific investments across these five areas here:

Contractor/Project Description Amount
Mental Health Support Grant Mental Health Support Staff, Equipment, Training $14,577,140
Kernals Afterschool SEL Research Social-emotional learning Supports $150,000
SEL Framework Development Social-emotional learning Supports $100,000
MOSAIC Social-emotional learning Supports $250,000
Contractor/Project Description Amount
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation Community Schools Pilot $900,000
CEDARS Transitions Supports for Students $460,000
TransAct Translation services; add on supports for schools, parents, and students $226,650
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation/ Nebraska Statewide Family Engagement Center Nebraska Statewide Family Engagement Center $500,000
Ready Rosie Early Childhood Family Engagement Software $2.4 million
Nebraska Commission for Indian Affairs Planning grant to support next steps and best practices in serving Native youth $49,500
Latino American Commission Planning grant to support next steps and best practices in serving Latinx youth $49,500
Contractor/Project Description Amount
UNL Diverse educator pilot project $49,828
Fixed-Term Positions Educator Certification Capacity $1.2 million
NAESP Pre-K Leadership Academy $350,000
Contractor/Project Description Amount
Zearn Math Provide access to Zearn Math (K-8 digital materials for mathematics) for all public and non-public elementary and middle schools, including the Zearn Math Summer Intensive Series $1.4 million
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation Expanded learning collaborative supports to districts $805,000
Various School Districts Summer and afterschool supplements, expansion, or initial grants $11 million
YRTC Supports under DHHS/NDE collaboration YRTC Academic Investments (Materials and Interventions) $501,000
Funding to Five Districts Ineligible for ESSER funds ESSER II & III distributed by formula; schools apply using GMS $800,000
Instruction Partners Learning Acceleration for K-8 Math; Integration of NeMTSS, HQIM, and CIP (3 years) $5.6 million
TNTP Statewide Support for Learning Acceleration; Support for CSI Schools (3 years) $2.7 million
Ha’hanna Consulting, LLC Professional Learning to Strengthen School-Tribal Partnerships $750,000
NROC Digital learning resources $25,000
Supplemental reVISION Funding Additional coverage for schools applying for reVISION action grants $395,000
CEDARS Focus on grade-level learning and acceleration for systems involved youth $318,000
Contractor/Project Description Amount
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation Provide a contractor to support collaboration, evaluation of projects, and consistent presence in community collaboratives $70,000
Center for Assessment Support for Redesigning Accountability System $193,000
Opportunity Labs Continued Consultation for COVID-19 Safety Protocols $150,000
UNL – Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families, & Schools Research on impacts of COVID-19 on educators and students $50,000
Boys Town (Safe2Help) School Safety and Security Reporting System $1.7 million
OCIO; Various Contractors, Fixed Term Positions Staffing Capacity $2.5 million
Hanover Research Customized projects for NDE and access to digital library $250,000
Hanover Research Digital library access for interested ESUs $840,000
Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Campaign support for Covid response $500,000
Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Develop school nurse coordinator and provide professional learning to school nurses $300,000

Unlike the previous ESSER allocations (ESSER I – CARES and ESSER II – CRSSA), the ESSER III- ARP requires the NDE to submit an application to the US Department of Education. The NDE collected input and reviewed qualitative and quantitative data in May 2021 to determine successes, priorities, and strategies for supporting and holding schools accountable and developing next steps for the use of funds.


The NDE hosted 14 round table sessions with stakeholders including students, families, teachers, administrators, community leaders, tribes, youth serving-organizations, and other advocacy and civil rights groups. Additionally, the NDE fielded a survey to stakeholders seeking input on prioritization of strategies and investments of funds. Results from these two stakeholder outreach strategies can be found below.

Submission of Application/Plan

The NDE submitted the ESSER III – ARP state plan to the US Department of Education on June 21, 2021. The executive summary and the approved plan of the plan can be found below.

Updated February 14, 2023 10:15am