NDE’s ESSER III Application

Unlike the previous ESSER allocations (ESSER I – CARES and ESSER II – CRSSA), the ESSER III- ARP requires the NDE to submit an application to the US Department of Education. The NDE collected input and reviewed qualitative and quantitative data in May 2021 to determine successes, priorities, and strategies for supporting and holding schools accountable and developing next steps for the use of funds.


The NDE hosted 14 round table sessions with stakeholders including students, families, teachers, administrators, community leaders, tribes, youth serving-organizations, and other advocacy and civil rights groups. Additionally, the NDE fielded a survey to stakeholders seeking input on prioritization of strategies and investments of funds. Results from these two stakeholder outreach strategies can be found below.

Submission of Application/Plan

The NDE submitted the ESSER III – ARP state plan to the US Department of Education on June 21, 2021. The executive summary and the approved plan of the plan can be found below.

Updated October 18, 2021 9:52am