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North Platte Public Schools

North Platte Public Schools grantNorth Platte Public Schools received a $30,000 grant.

Buffalo Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Washington Elementary School

Dusty Trails, Mid-Plains College Rodeo Team, Nebraska Extension

Project Focus Areas
Career awareness, college exposure, equine therapy

Project Overview
Students spent six weeks in the spring and fall working with Dusty Trails staff to learn how to care for, feed, saddle and ride a horse. Students were responsible for their tack and equipment, brushing and care of their horse’s hair, mane and tail and learning proper terminology and techniques for horse handling. Once per semester students got a behind-the-scenes experience with the college rodeo team. Students toured with the rodeo team on the ground, in the shoots and in the grandstand area of the rodeo arena, and attended a culminating event were they were hosted at a college rodeo. In addition to improved school day attendance, school day teachers reported that students participating in Horse Club showed improved classroom behavior and homework completion.

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