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Lexington Public Schools

Lexington Public Schools grantLexington Public Schools received a $30,000 grant.

Bryan Elementary School, Morton Elementary School, Pershing Elementary School, Sandoz Elementary School

Keep Lexington Beautiful, Lexington Public Library, Lexington Public Schools Technology Department, Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA), University of Nebraska-Kearney Planetarium

Project Focus Areas
STEAM (aquaponics, engineering, rocketry, graphic design, creative arts, robotics, recycling, origami, hydroponics, building challenges using measurement)

Project Overview
The goal of this project was to expose elementary students to learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). During the STEAM term at each school, programming was intentional with a theme and specific content area. All project-based learning clubs were offered for 6 weeks. Offerings included iMovie, aquaponics, mural making, science challenges, drones, coding, robotics, creative art through recycling, aerospace, engineering through GEO blocks, magnetic kits and more. Community partners enhanced the offerings and provided additional expertise, resources and materials.

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