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Kearney Public Schools

Kearney Public Schools grantKearney Public Schools received a $17,800 grant.

Sunrise Middle School

Kearney Area Chamber-Economic Development Council

Project Focus Areas
Career awareness and entrepreneurship

Project Overview
Kearney Community Learning Center (KCLC) Middle School students participated in career exploration activities during weekly activities utilizing the So you want to be a… curriculum developed by Beyond School Bells which is aligned to the Nebraska Career Cluster. KCLC provided a focus on specific clusters each quarter so that at the end of two years all six clusters were studied and career and educational requirements for the cluster were completed. In collaboration with the Kearney Area Chamber Economic Development Council representatives from area businesses and organizations provided a guest speaker or field trip in each cluster. As part of the entrepreneurship cluster, students engaged with a group of young professionals organized by the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce. These young professionals mentored students on developing products or programs/services that were produced or marketed to community residents. Students pitched their ideas to the young professionals who then helped students realize the products and sell them at the Kearney Night Market.

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