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North Platte Public Schools

One-Year Opportunity Grant, North Platte Public Schools flyer

Working with Wildlife

The KIDS Klub afterschool program, within North Platte Public Schools, implemented an ELO project focused on building partnerships inside and outside the community. KIDS Klub grew relationships with over two dozen businesses and organizations that now provide programming aligned with school day learning objectives to the great benefit of their students. Leveraging multiple sources of funding, including the ELO One-Year Opportunity Grant, KIDS Klub created a robust “Working with Wildlife” program with Nebraska Game & Parks and the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

Program leaders report that one of the most beneficial aspects of the program was the opportunity for students to get out of the classroom and learn from experts in the field through distance learning, site visits by partners, and field trips. Other positive outcomes included increased attendance and new registrants, career exposure, and supplemental high quality STEM education.

Image - North Platte PS grantPrimary project partners include:

  • KIDS Klub Afterschool Program, North Platte, NE
  • North Platte Public Schools, North Platte, NE
  • Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, North Platte, NE
  • Lincoln Children’s Zoo, Lincoln, NE

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Image - North Platte PS grant

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