Board Discussion on Content Area Standards Process

The board held a public work session before their regular business meeting to discuss the content area standards process.  Board President Maureen Nickels created a new committee to look into the current process and to provide recommendations for changes to the process by the February meeting. Jacquelyn Morrison is the chair of the new committee with Robin Stevens and Patti Gubbels as members.

Commissioner’s Report on Feedback from the Field and COVID-19 Impacts

The Commissioner presented topics to board members he has gathered from education leaders around the state. He spoke about federal funding, assessment results, and the challenges that schools are facing to help students succeed.

COVID Impacts and Nebraska Opportunities Presentation

Education and Workforce Alignment Coordinator

Challenges have created the need for greater alignment of efforts within communities to prepare, attract, retain, and continuously develop Nebraska’s workforce. With an infusion of federal funds, the state has a once in a lifetime opportunity to reset expectations, align goals, and implement strategies propelling our state forward. The Nebraska Department of Education in partnership with the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce are creating the position of an education and workforce alignment coordinator for the next three years. This person will work to align statewide goals, plans, and strategies for strengthening and coordinating the PK-16W pathway.
Educator Workforce Alignment

Nebraska’s College & Career Ready Standards for Mathematics

Nebraska Revised Statute requires the Nebraska State Board of Education to adopt measurable academic content standards in the subject areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. The statute requires the State Board to review and update the standards every seven years. The process to review and revise Nebraska’s College and Career Standards for Mathematics has begun. The current mathematics standards were approved by the State Board of Education in 2015.

Math Standards Update

Resolution to Recognize State Board of Education Member Patricia Timm

The State Board of Education adopted a resolution honoring former member Patricia Timm who resigned from the State Board of Education after 17 years of service.

Patricia Timm Resolution