Month of the Military Child Presentation

Each year, Nebraska schools serve thousands of students whose parents serve in the military. Since November 2021, the NDE has recognized public schools and non-public schools as Purple Star Schools to denote the special efforts the schools have undertaken to support the unique needs of military-concerned children.
To elevate practices for better serving military-connected children and their families, board members created a resolution that proclaims April the “Month of the Military Child.” The resolution honors the sacrifices of military service members, their families, and children, and calls on the NDE to continue providing resources for schools to better service military-connected students. The resolution also proclaims April 15 as “Purple Up!” day and encourages all members of the community to show their support of military-connected youth and families on that day.

Month of the Military Child and PurpleUp Resolution

Teacher of the Year Nominations

Nebraska has amazing teachers and being able to recognize their excellence is one of the highlights of the year. The Nebraska Department of Education is proud to provide an opportunity to recognize the best teachers in the state through the Nebraska Teacher of the Year Program. NDE staff launched nominations for the 2025 Teacher of the Year. Anyone can nominate a teacher online at by filling out a nomination form.

2025 Teacher of the Year Nominations

Revisions to Position Statement S3 on Foundational Literacy

Board members voted to update the Position Statement on Foundational Literacy. The current Position Statement S3 on Early Literacy was revised and approved in 2019 and expired in 2023. Early Literacy is extremely important as it provides the foundation for effective instruction. The Nebraska State Board of Education supports and encourages systemic efforts to improve foundational literacy, working to ensure that all students become successful readers and writers. The main changes to the statement is a move from Early Literacy to Foundational Literacy.

S3 Foundational Literacy Position Statement

Reappropriation of ESSER Statewide Funds

The total ESSER III appropriation for Nebraska was $546 million. Ninety percent of those funds
($492 million) flowed through directly to districts, and, in compliance with federal law, the NDE
reserved 10 percent ($54 million) for statewide activities. Of that $54 million, $11 million was
statutorily reserved for summer and after school programing, and roughly $2 million for administration of grant programs.

With seven months remaining in the ESSER III grant cycle, the NDE is closely monitoring projects
approved by the State Board, and has identified several contracts that are under budget. As such,
roughly $11 million for statewide projects are available for reinvestment.

Board members approved the reappropriation of ESSER III funds.

ESSER Reappropriations

PreK- Grade 3 Leadership Academy

The State Board approved a contract with the National Association of Elementary School Principals
(NAESP) for facilitation of their Pre-K – Grade 3 Leadership Academy. The NAESP Pre-K -Grade 3 Leadership Academy is for Principals and other administrators of school districts, directors of Head Start programs and owners/directors of community child care programs to increase their knowledge and abilities to lead programs for young children.

PreK-Grade 3 Leadership Academy