Esports in Nebraska

Members from the Nebraska Schools eSports Association presented to the board on the role and rise of Esports in Nebraska schools. Esports has become a popular extracurricular in many schools and uniquely brings together students on teams. Much like athletic teams, Esports participants work together and build relationships and communication skills alongside strategy, technology, and hand-eye coordination.  Schools are also seeing more students who typically may not participate in other extracurriculars, participating on the Esports team. More information about Esports and Nebraska schools is online at

2023 Teacher of the Year Final Report

Renee Jones, the 2023 Nebraska Teacher of the Year presented for the final time to the board.  She shared her most recent travels and conferences and gave and overview of her year.  She told the board it was a life-changing year and she had experiences she will never forget.  Some of her big highlights included pictures with the President at the White House, team building projects at NASA space camp, and the relationships she formed with teachers from across the country. Jones will wrap up her year at the College Football Championship game where all of the teachers will be honored.

 Institutional Schools Report

The superintendent of the state’s Institutional Schools presented to the board. The NDE helped reorganize the school system. The Institutional schools are now focusing on improving their student’s lives, not just by getting them back on track through the judicial system, but also by continuing their education and providing them with quality learning opportunities. Under the new leadership the teachers at these schools are also being provided more professional development to improve their abilities to teach. The board was also presented with what the future goals are for the schools and how they plan to accomplish those goals.

School Safety and Security Program

The board authorized the Commissioner to approve a continuation grant to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska to assist the School Safety and Security Program to build the capacity of Nebraska schools in the area of emergency management, violence prevention education and threat assessment.

School Safety and Security Program

Classroom Assessment Scoring System

Board members voted to renew a contract with Teachstone Inc. to provide materials and training necessary to implement the Classroom Assessment Scoring System in early childhood education and care programs across Nebraska.

The CLASS tools measure adult/child interactions and focus on emotional/behavioral support, classroom organization, and instructional support.

CLASS System