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NSCAS Science

The information below was developed for the NeSA assessment, but is still applicable for NSCAS 2018.

NeSA-S Practice Tests:

Spanish Practice Tests

NeSA-S Tables of Specification:

Please read this explanation as to why the TOS for NeSA-S are different.

NeSA-S Performance Level Descriptors:

NeSA Science Performance Level Descriptors

Please note: The Nebraska Science Performance Level Descriptors describe three levels of mastery for specific science standards. More information about the sequence of the learning and further clarification of what students should know and be able to do can be found in the following three documents: Nebraska Science Standards – Articulated Format; Sample K-12 Science Curriculum – Articulated Format; and the Inquiry Scoring Rubric. Each of these documents may be accessed on the NDE science page.

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Information:


NeSA-AAS Studies:

Standard Setting Results for the Nebraska State Accountability Alternate Assessment of Science (Prepared by Alpine Testing Solutions)