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2014 NePAS Development Summary

Developing the NePAS: Processes, Outcomes, and Recommendations-Executive Summary

Nebraska Performance Accountability System: NePAS

The State Board of Education and Nebraska Department of Education staff developed a state accountability system as required by state law 79-760.06 called Nebraska Performance Accountability Systems. In August 2012, the State Board of Education adopted NePAS, which is based on student scale scores within grades, buildings and districts. The system is intended to inform educators, parents, school board members, community members and policymakers about the learning progress of Nebraska schools and school districts. 

Nebraska Performance Accountability System (pdf)

Sample NePAS Examples (pdf)

The Nebraska State Board of Education voted unanimously on January 7, 2014 in support of revision of the current Nebraska Performance Accountability System based on NePAS 1.1–Background and Proposal of Framework, a document that provides the background for state accountability in Nebraska and gives a framework for the revision of current NePAS. The document is the result of the work of the NDE Statewide Assessment office, NDE leadership, and the Nebraska Board of Education Accountability Committee.
The work was guided by three goals:

  • To develop an effective system that provides fair accountability for schools in order to enhance opportunity to learn for every student in every school in Nebraska
  • To partner with school districts to provide support for improved student learning
  • To partner with the Legislature by providing NePAS 1.1–Background and Proposal of Framework to guide NDE as it moves forward.

Details of combining the measures, determining weights, measuring growth and improvement have not been determined, and much conversation and collaboration will take place in the state as NDE works with districts and policy partners to determine the system design.  The timeline for development and implementation is currently being determined and will provide ample opportunity for all districts to give input to the NePAS design.