English Learner Programs

Nebraska’s EL Mission

To lead and support academic language learning so that English Learners have meaningful access to high-quality instruction that will prepare them for learning, earning, and living.

NDE Vision

Partnering for the best education for all . . . for life.

NDE Values

Equity of access and opportunity
Honesty, integrity, and trust
Quality programs and services
Visionary and participatory leadership
A positive, can-do attitude
Accountability for results
Respect for individuals and individual differences
Equity of opportunities and outcomes
Excellence through continuous improvement


Honoring and Celebrating Multilingual Learners

The NDE honors students’ language abilities as an asset and values the many languages Multilingual learners bring to enrich classrooms in Nebraska. Using the term ML (multilingual learners) emphasizes the importance of respecting home language as students are simultaneously learning English in Nebraska schools. In addition to the term ML (multilingual learner),  EL (English learner) is the term used in Federal and State policy.


Updated November 20, 2023 11:16am