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Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation

NE Farm Bureau FoundationNebraska Farm Bureau Foundation received a $89,720 grant. Including the 1:1 match, this initiative represents an investment of $179,440.

Kindergarten – 8th Grade
Bayard Elementary School
Beatrice Lincoln Elementary School
Beatrice Paddock Lane Elementary School
Cozad Elementary School
Gordon Elementary School
Kimball Elementary School
O’Neill Elementary School
Rushville Elementary School
Schuyler Elementary School
Schuyler Middle School
Scottsbluff Roosevelt Elementary School
Scottsbluff Westmoor Elementary School

History Nebraska
Midwest Dairy
Nebraska Department of Education
Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation
Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
Nebraska Tourism
Nebraska Public Media

Project Focus Areas
Career Exploration

Project Overview
Walk to Unlock Nebraska invites students and teachers to combine exercise and learning through a fun, competitive virtual platform that rewards physical activity with fascinating historical, geographical, and agriculture information about our state.

The program provides checkpoints along routes across the state for youth (and their teachers!) to virtually visit while tracking physical activity time, steps and/or miles. Walk to Unlock Nebraska was created with the idea of combining academic enrichment and physical activity:

  • This learning experience is targeted for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.
  • Multiple lesson topics include science, social studies, math, language arts, nutrition and more.
  • Integrated curricular ideas are included to be used as tools for learning both in the classroom and at home.
  • Virtual field trips are available to enhance the journey.

NE Farm Bureau

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