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Lincoln CLC/Lincoln Community Foundation – 4-H

Lincoln 4-HLincoln CLC/Lincoln Community Foundation – 4-H received a $77,683 grant. Including the 1:1 match, this initiative represents an investment of $155,366.

• Clinton Elementary School (Grades K-5)
• Hartley Elementary School (Grades K-5))
• Norwood Park Elementary School (Grades K-5)
• Brownell Elementary School (Grades K-5)
• Educational Programs of Lancaster County Extension (Grades K-8)
• Educational Programs of Nebraska State 4-H Office (Grades K-12)

• Lincoln Community Learning Centers
• University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development, Lancaster County Extension Office and Nebraska State 4-H Office

Project Focus Areas
• Environmental Science
• Agricultural Science
• LEGO Robotics
• Digital Storytelling
• Gardening Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Many Others

Project Overview
Through the Near-Peer STEM Discovery Initiative, elementary students attending the Lincoln Community Learning Center summer camp and afterschool programs, as well as youth participants in Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development programs, engage in educational STEM-focused learning experiences led in-person or virtually by near-peer undergraduate student program leaders from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Lincoln 4-H
4-H summer interns are out to teach local kids about science! Here’s more on the 4-H Stem Discovery Initiative. Nebraska 4-H

Lincoln 4-H

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