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Kearney Public Schools – Horseback Riding

Kearney Public Schools - Horseback RidingKearney Public Schools – Horseback Riding received a $50,790 grant. Including the 1:1 match, this initiative represents an investment of $101,580.

Bryant Elementary School
Central Elementary School
Emerson Elementary School
Northeast Elementary School

Buffalo County Extension Service
Christine’s Horseback Riding
Circle D Boot and Saddle Repair
Overton Veterinary Services
Terry McMillian- Farrier

Project Focus Areas
SEL & Wellness-Horseback Riding Club

Project Overview

It is every child’s dream to own a horse, to brush through its long mane, feed it a carrot, and saddle up and RIDE!  At KCLC, students are living out that dream in our Horse Club.

Riding, shoeing, saddling, and grooming are just a few of the basics that KCLC students will learn through the summer. Multiple KCLC partners will work together to teach all facets of caring for a horse.

  • The Buffalo County Extension Office is providing and teaching a classroom curriculum  about the care of horses.
  • Veterinarians and other specialists will teach about equine medical care.
  • A local farrier will demonstrate proper hoof care and shoeing and offer the students some hands-on experience.
  • A leather expert will coach students on the care and repair of saddles.
  • Horse trainer, Christine Bruce, will introduce and lead students in the basic care and grooming of horses
  • Students will mount their steeds in a hands-on club for 4 hours a week and learn the basics of riding from a riding expert.

What is the culmination of any good horseman’s journey, but a performance in a Horse Show. Students will earn ribbons based on their riding technique. Families will be there to cheer on their horse enthusiast and learn from them the fine art of horsemanship.

“The most impactful experience that KCLC has provided him was summer 2022 when he participated in the horseback riding program. This experience has allowed him to discover a new passion and continue to volunteer at the arena. As parents we are very grateful for the KCLC program and recommend it to all our friends who have children at Kearney Public Schools.”
                    Andrew and Meghan Moland

Kearney PS - Horseback Riding

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