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Health Partners Initiative dba Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln

Healthy SchoolsHealth Partners Initiative dba Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln received a $69,610 grant. Including the 1:1 match, this initiative represents an investment of $139,220.

Brownell Elementary School
Calvert Elementary School
Campbell Elementary School
Everett Elementary School
Hartley Elementary School
Holmes Elementary School
Huntington Elementary School
McPhee Elementary School
Riley Elementary School
1-5th grade

Community Crops
Lincoln Community Learning Centers
Lincoln Parks and Recreation
Lincoln Public Schools
UNL Extension

Project Focus Areas
Healthy Futures
Childhood Obesity

Project Overview
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln (PHL) has 15 AmeriCorps members who administer wellness programming at 9 public Title 1 elementary schools in Lincoln in partnership with Lincoln Community Learning Centers.  AmeriCorps club leaders coordinate WeCook clubs (nutrition and cooking), SPARK clubs (physical activity), and Tower Garden clubs (indoor gardening) during afterschool programming. The AmeriCorps members are responsible for increasing capacity for local food, garden and nutrition education programs, increasing exposure to, education about, and consumption of healthy foods, as well as increasing physical activity opportunities impacting youth and families in low-income neighborhoods and schools.

Health Partners grouping

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