Exploratorium (The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception)
Here students can research topics related to math, such as the history of Mayan counting and calendars.

Illuminations offers resources for teaching math, including a library of online activities, lessons for pre-K-12, standards and web links.

SEDL Afterschool Training Toolkit
This section of the SEDL toolkit covers math concepts that could be included in the after school environment (from simple addition and subtraction to algebra and geometry) and offers resources for planning, incorporating real world activities, assessing programs, training staff and resources for key practices.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
This website provides math support and activities in English and Spanish, with a teacher corner and family corner, as well as sections for both elementary and middle school.

The Securities and Exchange Commission
This website explores, among other topics and resources, reasons for saving and investing and explains compound interest, using slices of pizza to illustrate the benefits of compound interest.

Population Connection
This website has downloadable lesson plans and math activities in areas such as how human numbers and actions affect the availability of resources, how population changes and resource use affect humans, and population growth patterns and demographics.

Updated July 8, 2024 4:31pm