College/Career Awareness and Readiness

Quality 21st CCLC programs provide time outside of the regular school day for students to connect in meaningful ways with program staff, school-day educators, colleges/universities, and local business and industry to develop interests and skills for future success. Ongoing opportunities afterschool and in the summer build confidence, encourage personal responsibility, help students discover college/career options, and develop knowledge and behaviors that are critical to success in school and in life.

Staff Development Guides

Connecting Skills to Careers
Exploring STEM Career Connections
How Many Careers Use STEM?

Edutopia, College Readiness
After graduation, what next? Learn about preparing students for college admissions and helping them stay in college once they get there.

Nebraska Career Education
Nebraska Department of Education
Resources include Nebraska Career Fields, Nebraska Career Readiness Standards, AQuESTT Career Education, and more.

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