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Accountability Performance Standards

The school counselor's job description and performance evaluation contains basic standards of practice expected of school counselors implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. These performance standards serve as a basis for counselor hiring, evaluation and as a means for counselor self-evaluation.

Counselor Performance Evaluation Criteria

  • Evaluation assesses the school counselor's ability to understand and implement the foundation of the comprehensive school counseling program as defined by state and national standards (ASCA).
  • Evaluation assesses the counselor's ability to implement each component of the delivery system which includes; curriculum, responsive services, student planning, and system support.
  • Evaluation assesses counselor's ability to manage the school counseling program.
  • Evaluation assesses the counselor's use of professional communication within the school community.
  • Evaluation assesses the school counselor's fulfillment of professional growth responsibilities.
  • Evaluation assesses the school counselor's ability to be a leader, student advocate, and systems change agent.