You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

Thematic Unit Title:  

You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

Subject: Childhood
Goals: 1. Communicate in Languages Other than English
Standards: 1.1 Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
1.3 Students convey information, concepts, and ideas to listeners and readers for a variety of purposes.
Contexts\Outcomes: Students engage in conversations about childhood activities and preferences.
Progress Indicators Goal 1:
Progress Indicators Goal 2:  

1.1D Express likes and dislikes.
1.1F Respond to one-on-one interactions.
1.1G Ask and answer simple questions.
1.3B Give a description orally and in writing using simple phrases.
1.3E Present prepared material to an audience.

Progress Indicators Goal 3:
Progress Indicators Goal 4:
Progress Indicators Goal 5:
Essential Skills\Knowledge:  

Topic specific vocabulary
Relevant verbs (imperfect and present tense)
Adjectives to describe physical characteristics

Assessments: Vocabulary Quizzes
Written Project:
Each student writes a letter to a prospective exchange student about his/her childhood and preferences that meets specified rubric criteria.
Oral Presentations:
Students can work individually or in groups to write a rap, nursery rhyme and show ‘n tell meeting specified rubric criteria.
Instructional Strategies:  

Each student participates in “show and tell.” (favorite toy, book, etc.)
Baby Picture Contest (match picture with description)
Charades (act out adjectives for the class)
Pair Activities:
Students work in pairs to survey favorite toys, books, activities of classmates.
Students work in pairs to find out childhood likes and dislikes and share their findings with the class.
Cooperative Learning:
Student groups compare and contrast “then” and “now.”
Students work in groups to compile and chart the results of the survey.

Resources: Textbook
Other Resources: Audio tapes
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