Start Your Engines



Thematic Scenario: Start Your Engines
Contexts\Outcomes: Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions regarding automobiles and driving..
Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures: Obtaining a driver’s license
Driving etiquette
Rules of the road
Car manufacturers and models
Fuel types and costs
Other types of transportation
Strategies: Compare and Contrast Cultural Similarities/Differences:
Obtaining a driver’s license
Driving etiquette
Rules of the road
Cooperative Learning:
Student groups write and perform an automobile commercial that describes a specific model from a selected country.
Find out where the auto manufacturer is based, where the car is actually produced, and countries where the car is sold.
Forms of transportation other than automobiles.
Pair Activities:
Students work in pairs to write and perform a dialog in which they are negotiating to purchase a a car, using culturally-correct practices for the selected country.
Assessments: Traditional:
Written Quiz
Skit with rubric assessment
Create advertisement or brochure
Resources: Internet
Pictures of automobiles
Calendars featuring car pictures
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